June 20, 2012

3 on Thursday - The Name Game

Hi! Everyone having fun during this heat wave?  Oh...you're one of the few parts of the country that isn't having a heat wave?!  I don't like you.  {Kidding!!!} And neither does my amazing co-host Andrea.  {Still kidding.  She loves everyone!}
A huge THANK YOU to the lovelies that played along last week.  I know it had the potential to more thought provoking than our usual topics.

3 on Thursday

Back to something fun this week! Our topic this week is:
Names you would or absolutely would NOT name a future child.

I'll give you three for both sides of the question.  But feel free to just do three names you love or three you really dislike if that's what floats your boat.  :-)

Before I do - let me tell you a little name story.  When my mom was pregnant, my parents picked out the name Mariah. Right before I was born, my mom's cousin got a poodle puppy...and named her Mariah!  So obviously, my parents had to go back to the drawing board.  I'd like to credit my dad for picking the name I got.  Good job, dad!  And, a pretty hefty thanks to cousin Judy for naming her puppy Mariah...cuz I am NOT a Mariah! {Note: If I was a boy, my name would be Robert.}

Not happening:
Traditional names. Lord help me if I get a husband that fights for traditional names.  Don't get me wrong - there are a lot of really pretty names out there.  I just don't want my child to be one of three Jennifer/Mary/Lisa's or Michael/Joseph/Matthew's in their class.

Locations.  I've seen a wave of people name their kids after cities lately: London, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix.  I'm not knocking it... It just isn't for me.

Fruits or inanimate objects. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin can get away with naming their child Apple.  Beyonce and Jay-Z can make Blue Ivy sound cool.  In real life - um, no.

Names I like:
Classic names. You may think differently than I do, but I view classic names as something that people won't blink twice when they see...but you won't have more than one or two in your high school or college graduating class.  I like Audrey/Hope/Clara or Lucas/Henry/Nathan.

Celtic names. I'm mostly Scottish... so, to me, it just makes sense.  I'm a fan of Fiona/Ainslie/Maeve or  Lachlan/Callum/Keegan.

Biblical names. Sensing a trend?  Like the others, the names aren't really weird, but they aren't amazingly common either.  On my list are Noah/Caleb/Gabriel  Claudia/Hannah/Chloe.

OK, now have some fun, link up and be sure to drop by and visit Andrea too!


  1. I agree with you! I'd also wouldn't do names such as Courtney, Brittany, Kelly, Michael ect.
    Names I adore:
    GIRL: Isabella (without the twilight craze), Ava, Audrey, Annabelle, Aubrey, May, Amelia, Olivia, Lilia, Katharine, Joyce, Alice, Maria, Grace, Abby and Viviane. If I had a daughter it'd probably be a toss up of Isabella Nola or Audrey Alice.
    BOY: Gabriel, Noah, Mitchell, Damien, Gale and Nick. Boy names are SO much harder then girls!
    Nola's Mom

  2. You better stick with Celtic because right now I can point out no fewer than three kids I know of each of the other names you like.

    OTOH, I have only met one Mary in the past five years (she was 8) and I never had another in my class at school. But, I hate my name for other reasons.

    I named my children (three boys). I wish I had chosen differently for the last one. Our potential girls' names were Rebecca, Sarah and Amelia. Elane was the middle name for all.

    Names are interesting things. What some people love make others wince. It has to do with who we knew with those names. For me, no Joyce, May, Alice or several others. For boys no Howard, Henry or Melvin to name a few. Also not a fan of location names.

    Most definitely not a fan of odd spellings.

  3. I should have read the other comment first. It sounds as if I am picking at your choices and I am not. Those were just the girls' names that came to mind right away.

    I know that the current generation is using names that we would never consider. That is why the most popular names have been changing.

  4. I LOVE this weeks questions!

  5. We have a lot of "no" names because of teaching. I just don't want anything too common. I want it to be unique like my name. When my mom yelled my name I was the only kid that turned around! We are also trying to use some family names.

  6. I love your names! Having one of the most common names around, I have always been dead set against common names! Ronnie's Scottish too so we had looked at some of those but I finally decided on Violet because I wanted a color or flower name and it just so happened that Violet is the flower for the month of February (her birth month) AND the birthstone is purple too! lol. It was just too perfect. Apparently Violet's becoming crazy popular after all but I highly doubt it'll be the next Jessica so I'm ok with that ;)

  7. i like biblical and classic names too:)

  8. I like classic names mostly because they aren't used often. I went with Ruth after my grandmother and it's my middle name. I knew there wouldn't be many Ruthie's in her classes so she'll always know it's her when the call her name!

  9. The hubs and I have our future baby names picked out and they sort of follow a trend, names with M sounds.

  10. The name game is SO hard! My husband and I took FOREVER before deciding on a name for our little one. I agree with you on so many things - I love classic and Celtic names too.

  11. I was one of 7 Jennifer during grade school! It was rough so I don't blame you on that one at all.

  12. I have two girls:

    Rachel Laura (Rachel is the middle name of my best friend since childhood, Laura was the first name of my cousin who passed away at the age of 8)

    Ellen Jean (Ellen was my great grandmother's name and Jean was my mother's middle name - she passed suddenly within weeks of my birth)

    Had they been boys, they would have been Benjamin Scott and Elijah Bradley - Scott was an uncle who passed away (the father of 8-year-old Laura I mentioned earlier) and Bradley is my father's name. Benjamin and Elijah... well, I just really liked them.


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