June 07, 2012

3 on Thursday - Summer "Musts"

Hi Ladies!  Sorry I'm not my usual posting over-achiever by getting the post up by midnight.  Wednesday was a busy day in my tiny household.  I got my new puppy and my very first foster puppy!  Official announcement complete with pictures on Friday.  :-){Note: Andrea is having a busy spell as well, so she won't be co-hosting this week. So do a girl a favor and make me look good by linking up!}

3 on Thursday

Anywho...this week's topic is:
What are your 3 summer-time must do things (trips, family traditions, etc.)?

Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream
First, it isn't summer without a trip to Peaceful Meadows.  Seriously the best ice cream on the planet!  I really think getting to see the cows that the milk comes from make the experience that more special.  Just um...do yourself a favor and if you're going into the cow barn to visit the cows...go early enough that the barn doesn't stink yet.

Fireworks!  I love 'em.  My dogs hate them.  I can understand why...but they're just so darn pretty! I've gone into Boston to see the fireworks a handful of times and it's quite the experience.  There's a reason that our city's celebration gets televised every year...that's for sure!  However, I'm just as happy with a really small display that friend or family organize. :-)

Whale watching. I'm blessed enough to live very close to water - and have a natural affinity for it.  I just love boats, the beach, lakes, etc. The whale watching off of Plymouth is some of the best in the country in my opinion.  There never seems to be shortage of majestic whales just waiting for the tour boats!

What about you?  What's on your summer list?


  1. I love your list! And you are VERY blessed to live near the water!!

    can't wait to hear about the pups!! Yay!

  2. I guess you could not get fresher milk for the ice cream than that!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Totally jealous of the whale watching! How cool!


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