July 23, 2012

Tuesdays At The Table - Watermelon Margaritas

Tuesday - the yummiest day of the week!  Thanks you all you lovelies that share your recipes each week! :-)  Keep them coming.
Have you ever watched an episode of The Chew?  I just love the way that all the hosts interact with each other.  You can really tell that they're having fun! Add some yummy recipes (and Clinton's Craft Corner) and it's not an hour of wasted time.  I saw this recipe almost a month ago and, while I wanted to make it, didn't think about it again until I walked by a watermelon display in the grocery store today.  I just *had* to give in and make it!


Watermelon Margaritas
3 Cups cubed watermelon
1/4 Cup lime simple syrup
1 1/2 Cups tequila
1/4 Cup orange liqueur

Add the watermelon, lime simple syrup, tequila and orange liqueur to a blender and whirl until smooth. Pour margarita into salt rimmed rocks glasses filled with ice. Garnish with lime and watermelon wedge. (If you prefer a frozen margarita, I'd suggest freezing the watermelon before blending and add in about another cup of ice before blending.)

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  1. Hi Cole,
    Your Watermelon Margaritas look awesome, great for a hot summer evening. Hope you are having a great week and thanks for hosting!
    Miz Helen

  2. Hello, I'm a newbie. I discovered your blog through the link on a post at another link party. Thank you for hosting! I've posted a recipe for one of our favorites.

  3. Looks so delicious; I love the addition of orange liquor. what a great way to use up all that watermelon I can't help but buy these days! I shared some not-so-sweet truth about honey; good info to have.

  4. those sound so refreshing! thanks for hosting! this week i shared my Grilled Romaine and Nectarine Salad! It's Gluten Free, Vegan, & Specific Carb Diet friendly!

  5. I've never had the chance to watch the Chew, but watermelon Margaritas sound A-OK in my book.

    Thank you for hosting. I brought figs from my backyard!

  6. Your watermelon margarita looks great for a hot summer day! Thanks for hosting. :)

  7. Hi!
    Thanks for letting me share my own recipe of helathy and tasty Soda Pop Substitute: Essential "Oil" Sassy Water!
    Here’s the link:


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