July 11, 2012

3 on Thursday - Favorite Vacations

Before we start, please take minute and welcome back my lovely co-host, and one of my besties, Andrea!  She took a little break, but she's back and better than ever!
Did everone enjoy their little break from 3 on Thursday?  I did! Sometimes, we all need a little breather.  :-)  We have some great topics this month - I bet you'll love them!

3 on Thursday

This week's topic:
Vacation Plans - tell us about your 3 best vacations, or the plans you have had/are planning for this summer!

London, England
You all know how much I love Europe, right?! Well, I think I could probably move to the UK without a problem (you know, as long as I can bring my dogs and my family/friends).

Disney!  I need to go every few years and act like a little kid!  I was lucky that my parents brought me every few years - my first trip was at 2 years old - and I think it's one of those places that ALL kids should go at least once by the time they leave elementary school.

The first time I went to Sedona, Arizona was on a business trip.  I've gone back a few times since and just love it there.  It has shops and artist communities and great food - all without compromising the natural beauty of the location.

Link up and tell us about your favorite trips!


  1. Great topic! Let's see:
    Cordon Indiana. Where all my family lives
    Ithaca NY
    The Bahamas!
    Nola's Mom
    P.S. The name will be official when the new girl comes home, but it's 99.99% going to be Phoenix! Thanks for the awesome suggestion!

  2. Heard from a little chihuahua that it's your birthday. Hope you have a happy one.

  3. I went to Europe for 3 weeks last summer. I love London and I dream about living there all the time!!! We just got back from a week in Mammoth Lakes, CA. We go every year.

  4. sedona is beautiful!

  5. I have been to AZ but not Sedona. I loved it. Can't say I blame you for that choice. Never been to either of the other two.

  6. Awesome! London is at the top of my list too. Followed by Hawaii and Italy.

  7. Ok, you and I will go on a trip to all those places together :) Especially DisneyLand :)

  8. We have a lot in common! I traveled to all 3 sites as you did and enjoyed it! Unfortunately, I don't see myself going on vacation for awhile yet but hope to again soon!


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