June 03, 2015

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Stutz

One of the hardest parts of my rescue "job" is knowing that all good things must come to an end...in this case, the life of Stutz, our elderly sanctuary pupper.

This sweet boy joined LPDR last July at 16 years old following the death of his owner.  He and his sister Dory (14 years old) captured the hearts of so many at the rescue - especially their foster parents.  I know that Stutz brought them such joy over the past 11 months and that Stutz loved them, Dory and his foster siblings so very much.

Image used with permission of  Beth Oram Photography

Run free little man, run free....



  1. Oh, I am so sorry ...it is so hard to say goodbye especially when you have rescued them and worked so hard to give them a second chance.

  2. That's so sad! But at least he was loved and cared for in a safe place.

  3. We can only imagine how hard of a decision this must have been. Run free sweet boy..


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