June 08, 2015

There Should Be a Warning...

This weekend, I decide that a little "mom and me" time was in order.  I love my mom; she's one of my best friends, and there's very little that I can't tell her.  That said, there are just some things you don't share with you mom.

Let me elaborate!  Mom and I decided to go see Spy, the new Melissa McCarthy movie.  It looked funny in trailers and it definitely was!  For those of you opposed to using the word "f*ck" as a verb, noun, pronoun and adjective all in the space of approximately two minutes - SKIP THIS MOVIE.  The mom with the two pre-teen daughters sitting in front of me had her hands full trying to cover her girls ears (unsuccessfully) most of the movie.  However, the expletives were nothing compared to a scene (OK...more like 30 seconds to a minute) where Melissa McCarthy finds a camera that has pictures of male genitalia on it.

Sitting next to your mom while penises flash across a giant screen is...well, awkward at best. Like I said, there should be a warning!  Part of me felt really bad for the woman with the two pre-teen daughters.  Then I remembered that the movie is rated R and she opted not to listen to rating guidelines and brought her daughters anyway.

On the bright side, at least I didn't bring my dad to the movies!



  1. Good grief, glad you warned me about that movie. I'm won't be going to see it with my mom. LOL

  2. haha Yeah, I was thinking "it's rated R...why would you bring two young girls?" Sorry it was awkward with your mom, but I do want to see this!


  3. Oh no! Ive been there - my parents went with me to a move in high school and there was a lot of passion. It was awful, I wanted to melt into my seat! No idea what the movie was though lol

  4. My Mom loves Melissa McCarthy and she can't wait to see it this weekend. She won't care about the stuff you mentioned, but it is nice to let people know just in case.

    Loveys Sasha

  5. A) She ignored the rating and brought her girls anyway and B) when she realized it was offensive, she chose to stay instead of leaving. There's nothing to feel sorry for.

    Thanks for the warning about the movie. I was thinking about seeing it, but now I don't know.


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