June 02, 2015

Kristin's Wedding

As some of you may remember, I was one of my cousin Kristin's bridesmaids when last we spoke of her upcoming nuptials!  (In case you don't remember...here's a link to the post I did on her bridal shower)

Fast forward almost two years and now I need to catch you all up on what you missed - including Kristin's wedding!

This pretty lady indeed got married on August 2nd, 2013 to the love of her life with their (then) almost 9 year old son quite excited (as were everyone else in the bridal party).

Here she is with her mom!

The wedding was lovely and the country club that hosted both the ceremony and reception was absolutely beautiful.  Now, you all know that I'm a klutz.  And Kristin's wedding was no exception to my rule about tripping over my own feet.  I was the first bridesmaid "out of the gate" so to speak...and unfortunately did NOT count on the aisle we were walking down to be lush green grass that was horribly uneven.  People, I fell!  Flat. on. my. face.  It was mortifying!  I still remember all the faces that were turned towards me going from smiles to looks of shock.  Not fun...  It got hurt and tried not to cry during the ceremony. My goal was to make it through the ceremony and reception without drawing any further attention to myself.  For once - mission accomplished!

Unfortunately, I did have a super fun trip to the ER to have my knee looked at at midnight. I have to thank the hospital staff for taking such good care of me and the mess that I was - still in my hot pink bridesmaid dress (um..yeah.).

Stay tuned for my next foray into being a bridesmaid....



  1. *snort* I'm sorry you got hurt, but that is too funny! :D

  2. What a beautiful bride!

    That's a bummer that you were injured though!


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