June 19, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!!!  I hope everyone has had a good week and has some fun (or relaxing) plans for the weekend.

This week I'm linking up with the lovely ladies that host Five on Friday.  Because, really...what better way to put together all the topics that you've been thinking about, but aren't quite a post of their own.  :-)


Since I started blogging consistently again, so many of my old friends are gone.  I need to find new bloggy friends! It seems that comments are a rare commodity these days too.  So I've decided that I'll be visiting everyone that links up this week to leave them a little comment love. I blog because I love it - but a little comment love is always makes me feel good.  I want to share that feeling!


Have you seen the trailer for "The Secret Life of Pets" yet?  Take a few minutes and indulge your inner Pixar junkie and watch it!


I come from a military family and have such respect for the Wounded Warrior Project.  I've decided that I'll make a donation of $2 per sheet of patriotic wraps listed above purchased through my site...and I'll add a few more options too! Visit my site HERE and buy any of the following wraps: Ka Boom, Patriot, Navy Stripe, Star Spangled, Poppy & White Polka, White Stripe, Blue Jeans, Fountain of Youth, Whiteout, Little Patriot or True Love.  I want to make a HUGE donation to Wounded Warrior Project!


I need new sandals.  Which do you like better?  Or better yet, what are your go-to sandals?  Ideally, I'm looking for work appropriate (our office is very casual) and fun!


I want to get some bandanas sewn for the rescue this weekend.  Wish me luck!



  1. Five on Friday, I didn't know about this one. Thank you for sharing. Those black sandals look comfy and like they have great bottoms. Love your header, what adorable dachshunds! Best of luck with your sales and fundraiser!

  2. Both of those sandals are so cute, I would probably buy them both!

    Comments are down, which is frustrating. I read posts about how "no one is commenting anymore" and I read those posts on blogs by bloggers that...don't freaking comment. If you want people to comment on your blog, you have to comment on theirs. It's always been that way. I'm glad you're making an effort to reach out. It's the best way to make bloggy friends.

  3. I've noticed the lack of comments lately too. Am I the only one who loves to leave comments because I know how awesome it is to see that little notice saying you got a new comment on a post? lol!

  4. I like the black sandals. And I like your blog design, too. Especially your header. Cute!

  5. Hi! Found you through Five on Friday linkup. I'm a fellow doxie owner so your blog totally caught my eye!

    I think you should know that your "home" and "about" links didn't work. They redirect to another site called myweinertales.com. ~Ree

  6. Oh my goodness, I had not seen that preview yet! So adorable! I couldn't stop smiling. Definitely will see that one when it comes out.

  7. Have fun sewing this weekend! I love your fabric choices for bandanas.

  8. Love the idea about commenting on other peoples blogs to get more bloody friends - I've been trying to do that but I'll work on it :)

    I love the sandals on the left (black bottoms). They look super comfortable!

  9. I like both pairs of sandals! I actually stopped blogging at the beginning of the year but I'm thinking of resurrecting it to post about our Disney trip.

  10. It's so sweet of you to comment on all the linked posts! I've been blogging for almost 2 years and it's amazing how many bloggers either stop commenting or drop off the face of the blogosphere altogether! I try to pick at least a few new blogs each week to visit and comment - who doesn't love getting comments? :)

  11. I try to visit a few blogs a week at least from any link ups I do. I love discovering new people I might "click" with. Both sandals are cute- I'd probably go for the ones on the right.


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