June 16, 2015

Summer Is...

I'm still trying to find my rhythm as I return to blogging, so I decided to participate in the SITS Girls Summer Slump Writing Challenge.  (I promise I won't put their adorable image up every day that I participate!).  Today's prompt?  Summer!!

To me, summer is...

Being on the water.  My summer isn't complete without being out on a whale watch or lighthouse tour at least once.  I've had people tell me that I'm spoiled to live so close to water.  And, they just might be right.

The beach.  What can I say?  I love the water!  Admittedly, I'd rather swim in a pool (shh...I'm afraid of sharks!), but there's just nothing like ocean air!

Road trips!  It doesn't happen as much as I'd like it to these days - but sometimes, I just love to pack up a few friends (or a few dogs) and just GO!

Gardening.  There's nothing like picking a tomato from your garden and eating while it's still warm from the sun.

Chasing after the pups.  For such petite dogs, they can sure get into a lot of trouble!  But I wouldn't have it any other way!

(Meadow from a few years ago)

(Paisley and Beckett last summer)

(Brady last summer...and yes, he is in a pink collar.  He and Paisley went through a fun phase where they chewed collar off each other... *sigh*)

What says summer to you?



  1. I absolutely died laughing at Brady's teeth in the "pink collar" picture. His smile is awesome!

    I'm trying to get in to gardening (because my husband likes it), but bugs and things keep crawling near me. And did you know that gardening requires me to put my hands in dirt???? I'm not ready. Maybe in 2016. Anyway, have a great day! ~Enn

  2. Our dogs chew their collars off each other too! It is so hot here right now!

  3. Oh my gosh, I 100% agree with you about eating super fresh tomatoes right off the vine. SO YUMMY!

    And yes! I need the water. I need it. I'm so glad I'm a short trip down the freeway from 10 different beaches.


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