June 11, 2015

You Can Make a Difference!

Earlier this week I was reading Holly's "Summer of Service" post and it made me reflect a little on my own journey to helping dogs.

Running a rescue has its good and bad days.  As much as I wish I could say that it's about the dogs 100% of the time, realistically...sometimes, it's about the money too.  That's true of most rescues and a number of community funded shelters.  The more money (among other resources) we have, the more dogs we can help and/or it gives us the ability to take on more complex medical cases.

I can't count the number of times that people have lamented that they want to help, but have no money to give. Seriously, if I had a nickel for every time I hear it...I'd have...well, a whole lot of nickels!

If you want to help a rescue or shelter (hint, hint...Little Paws Dachshund Rescue), here are a few ways to do it without affecting your budget!

Going for a walk?  Add ResQWalk to your phone, start your walk and you earn money for the rescue or shelter of your choice!  Each week is sponsored by different companies and the pool of money is distributed to all the participating rescues/shelters in correlation to the number of miles they walked that week.  :-)

Want to double your money?  Add WoofTrax/Walk For A Dog too!  It works pretty much the same way as ResQWalk.  (Note: ResQWalk uses GPS location, WoofTrax uses the pedometer function on most smart phones, so keep it in your pocket!)  This app is being revamped and may have more functionality soon.

Are you an Amazon shopper?  Use Amazon Smile instead!  All of the same benefits of Amazon, but you're helping as you shop!

LPDR pup (yes, available!) BlueBell

Is your linen closet part of your spring cleaning?!  Many shelters or rescues would be thrilled to be gifted used (but in good condition) towels, blankets and sheets.  Between the need for dog baths, creating soft places for animals to lay in shelters and letting smaller dogs burrow - there's an endless need.

Shutterbug or Photoshop junky?!  How about taking pictures of pups for those shelters or rescues?  I can tell you from experience that a good picture can get a pup the attention they need to really get noticed...which often leads to a forever family.  A picture really is worth a thousand words!

Even better, consider joining HeARTSspeak!  They're a national organization of artists (photographers, sculptors, editors, writers, etc) that bands together to provide pro-bono services for animal organizations in their communities.

Have some room in your life?  How about fostering!  It's one of the greatest needs many rescues have - sometimes, even more than funding for the never ending vet bills!  If we don't have a family to care for our dogs, sometimes, we just can't pull them from the shelter.

If you already have everything you need or REALLY want, consider a "selfless" or "pay it forward" birthday.  Go out and celebrate with friends and family - but suggest that they donate to the charity of your choice in your honor instead of gifting you with something you might not want or need!

If nothing else...share, share, share! The more people who know how to make a difference, the more lives out of shelters and starting the next chapter of their lives.



  1. What great ideas! I use charity miles when I go for walks around town & I love knowing something so simple helps out a charity!

  2. Those are some awesome ideas for helping! I didn't know things like ResQWalk even existed!

  3. I love the walk for a dog app!

    And I always donate my old blankets and towels to my local shelter.

    I didn't know about Amazon Smile!

  4. Perfect ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love these ideas! I don't always have money to spare but I do love helping animals! :)


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