July 07, 2015

Beckett and the Groundhog

Does this look like the face of a killer?

Those of you that have read my blog for a while know that my furkids are hunters.  Sweet, precious, cuddly 99% of the time...then we have what I call "the killing season" every year.  Typically, it's a bird who is just learning to fly that falls prey.  (For the record, before this story - the herd record was 11 birds, 2 chipmunks, 1 squirrel, 1 bunny and a baby skunk.)

Before I tell you the story, I should note that Beckett is typically not the leader of these little adventures.  However, it seems he decided he needed to defend his younger siblings.  Or teach them how it's done.  I'm going with defend them....

About two weeks ago, I noticed that the back grass was moving and did a quick count of my pups - all accounted for!  I proceeded to watch out the window and what pops up, sits on its haunches and starts eating my flowers/grass but a groundhog!  I watch it leave the yard (fenced, by the way and I then reinforced where I believed it entered the yard) and everything was fun for almost two weeks.

I got home and was greeted with "you'll never guess what happened today". It turns out that two groundhogs got into the yard, the pups were ushered into the house and kept inside for about an hour.  Here's where I should note that groundhogs are apparently stupid.  They stayed in the freaking yard!  The entire herd went out and pack hunting ensued.  One groundhog managed to escape unscathed, but Beckett managed to corner and kill the second one.  I'm told that Carmella, my parent's cocker spaniel was his "wing man".

The new "prize" had to be taken from Beckett as he wanted to bring it into the house...GROSS!  Thankfully, no one took pictures of Beckett with the groundhog and he doesn't have a single scratch on him.  Groundhogs are mean!

Do you have a dog that has a strong hunting instinct too?


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  1. Wowza! Steve's little dog Gwen was the stupid one, scared of everything including her own shadow. She used to chase deer in our yard until she got right up to it and realized they were 10x her size. I wouldn't call that a hunting instinct though, just pure crazy.

  2. Dory and Arty used to love to chase squirrels when we lived in TX. Alas, there aren't many squirrels here in our town on the NorthCoast, so just a bit of bird chasing.

  3. Eek!

    I wouldn't want it in my house either.

  4. LOL at "groundhogs are apparently stupid." Yes, Rudy is a vicious killer as well. It's in their DNA I suppose. They look so sweet an innocent, but vicious killers.

  5. Oh man! Good puppies, though!

    My roommate's dogs aren't really killers, but they don't understand how not to play with critters to death.


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