July 03, 2015

Five on Friday - Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!!!  I'm finding that I'm really starting to look forward to the Five on Friday link-up with April. There are so many really great bloggers that linked up that I can go visit!

I love fireworks! Before my brother's deployment, he loved fireworks too.  Unfortunately, he came back from Afghanistan, like many others with PTSD.  This makes fireworks difficult for a lot of our current soldiers and veterans.  If you have a veteran or currently enlisted soldier in your neighborhood, please consider talking to them.  Knowing when you anticipate setting off fireworks won't take away their PTSD, but may give them time to leave or utilize coping mechanisms.

Did you know that the 5th of July is one of the busiest days of the year for shelters?  Fireworks are scary for many pets, which triggers their fight or flight response.  Be sure to keep your furbabies inside and safe while you enjoy the fireworks!

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In case you were wondering...this is what the 4th of July looks like at my office!

If you haven't dropped by my blog this week, you haven't heard about my Jamberry giveaway yet!  You can enter to win two sheets of Jamberry nails of your choice on this post!

I came across this berry popsicle recipe and can't wait to try it!  How festive and yummy looking, right?!

Have a fabulous weekend weekend, everyone!



  1. Thanks for mentioning number one! My dad is a combat veteran and you are right this can be pretty disorienting for him and other vets.

  2. Yes, Veterans and Pets can be really traumatized by fireworks. I stay home with my pup so that he doesn't get too freaked. Those onesies are hilariously awesome.

  3. We're right by Tyndall Air Force Base, and the entire down is full of military. Not too many fireworks are done! I'm so glad that none of my pets have issues with fireworks. Nola's actually been to watch them more than once!
    Those popsicles look delicious!

  4. Soldiers make a huge sacrifice. Their lives might never be the same again.

  5. Yes, I hope everyone was respectful to our soldiers. I live on base and I know fireworks aren't allowed.

    I hope you had a fun 4th of July!

  6. I so need one of those star spangled body suits! Hope you had an awesome 4th of July!

  7. Those flag onsies are terrific. We came over here from Dory's . Looks like a great blog to us. We love doggies.


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