July 24, 2015

Five on Friday

How is July almost over?!  As much as I am overjoyed at the prospect of another cool, crisp New England autumn - I am surprised by how fast the summer is flying by.

I'm linking up again today with April!

My rescue - Little Paws Dachshund Rescue - will be on the Boston CBS affiliate for "Pet Parade" on Sunday.  Above is the video from our last appearance in March.  We tape on Saturday morning for a Sunday morning show, and right about now is when I get just a touch nervous.  After the last show, I learned that the Boston market often "lends" material to other smaller CBS markets...so if you see me on TV in different states, let me know!! :-)

OK... I think I'm going to wear jeans, a black t-shirt, black short sleeve cardigan and sandals.  I know, totally not original.  But I won't clash with any of the dogs or the host.  That makes sense, right?  Now, what should I do with my nails?  Help me pick a mani!

After fighting with Comcast for a few months, the jump from Xfinity "Triple Play" (aka the OLD version of premium services) to X1 (aka the NEW version of premium services) is happening tomorrow.  Heaven help them if I still need to be within 10 feet of my router to get wi-fi!

Tuesdays at the Table is coming back starting next week!  I'll be adding the snazzy new button to my sidebar this weekend.  :-)  I hope everyone will pick their favorite recipe and link up!

I have been a fan of Shaun the Sheep for YEARS!  A TV show of a cute British claymation sheep that is pretty brilliant?!  I'm there!  I just found out that now there's a movie coming out of it in early August!  Have any of you seen Shaun the Sheep before?



  1. I have a mini dachshund named Molly. Thirteen years now and getting up there. I love this site. Will be checking more of it out. Linking from 5 on Friday.

  2. Good luck tomorrow on tv! We like polka dot mani the best :)

  3. Such a cute site!! I have had mini dachshund's my whole life - we just had to put both of ours to sleep a month ago and it was so so sad. I miss them so much!!! Will check you out again :)

  4. Yay for new recipes. I could always use some.

  5. I like the nail on the top left the best!

  6. How cool that you were featured on tv! Ooh, I love the top right Jam! All options are so cute though.

  7. Im so excited for Tuesdays at the Table!! Ive got 5 new recipes that Im planning on cooking this week so I'll have lots of things to link up with!


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