July 14, 2015

"Keep Calm", a Birthday Recap!

I've known about my birthday present for a few months now.  But my birthday arriving made it REAL.  I'm going to the UK in October for two weeks!

We're doing a few days in London, then a week in Cornwall, and finally back to London.  As you all might recall - Edinburgh, Scotland is my favorite city in the world, so I'm hoping to find a way to take a train up for a day or so.  I can't wait!!!

My fabulous parents also gifted me a new luggage set and a few pounds to start me saving for the trip!  I LOVE THEM!

It's been almost a decade since I've gotten across the pond, so I'm hoping any of you that live there or have visited recently will give me some ideas of what I need to see or do!

My birthday itself was pretty quiet, which is A-OK with me.  :-)  A family dinner on Friday night to celebrate dad's birthday, lunch with my parents on Saturday for my birthday, cuddle time with the pups, a little crafting and a good book!



  1. Oh no, we missed your birthday! Sounds like it was wonderful!!! Have a wonderful time. I was briefly in London years ago and loved it. I've never been to Edinburgh,but it is at the top of my list of places to visit. Have an amazing time!

  2. Congratulations and happy birthday! I sure wish you could bring back a police call box. Have fun!

  3. Awesome! I have never left the USA. I want to see a few cities in England.

  4. Wahoovies!!! What a great present/trip idea!! Both England nd Italy are on my and my hubby's bucket list!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. That's so exciting! I was in Paris and London last summer and I absolutely LOVED it!

  6. That's so exciting!!! You'll have to take lots of photos. I'm hoping Nola and I will be able to go to Ireland in 2016-ish.

  7. LOVE your new luggage! I need some myself but Im trying to wait so I can add it to our wedding registry. Cant wait to see photos!

  8. What an awesome birthday present! I loved Edinburgh as well and also Inverness and Loch Ness. Hope you are able to go there. I also loved the Lake District in England. I will be excited to hear about your trip!


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