July 31, 2015

Five on Friday...

...and I think I'll be happy just to make it through the day.  This week has been rough.  Or as my fabulous herd o'dachshunds would say, RUFF!  As always, I'm linking up with the lovely April.

I shared with you all that Comcast was supposed to upgrade me to X1 last week.  Well, something didn't go to plan and the service guy didn't have the parts we needed.  So we went without cable until Wednesday afternoon.  It was painful.  I thought I could live off of Netflix alone and I was wrong! Ha. Everything is install now and it's this fun combination of trying to figure out how it works and excited to try new features.

I am seriously contemplating making the jump from Blogger to WordPress.  Have any of you made the leap and either A. can't believe you waited this long or B. wish you could go back?  I need help making a decision!

As I mentioned at the top of my post, this week has been rough.  A lot of it centers around things going on at the rescue, that I can't talk about.  At least, not yet.  But it's quickly pointing out who I can depend on for support...or not.

If anyone can say a quick prayer, or think good thoughts for this sweet girl, I'd appreciate it.  Raven the daughter of one of my good friends and she is having surgery today.  She's just entering her teen years and is already a national elite cheerleader!

Have any of you discovered Lip Sync Battle yet?  It's on Spike, which I view as a channel more geared towards men...but I heard about the show and just had to check it out.  Now I DVR it every week.  On a bad day, nothing makes you smile like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson lip syncing "Shake it Off"!



  1. Sending up prayers for sweet Raven! I LOVE that quote. So true. All you need in life is one good friend ;-)

  2. I think I'd be lost without cable.

    Lip sync battle is hilarious!

  3. I hope everything went well for Raven! I love Lip Sync Battle! I end up fast forwarding through all the fluff and just watch the singing, which is always hilarious. I'm not invested enough in my blog lately to switch to WordPress, but it seems like everyone who's done it loves it. I've heard there is a bit of learning to do in the beginning, but once the switch is ironed out, it's easy to use.

  4. I hear you about the rough week. I hope yours is better this week!

    I switched from Blogger to WordPress and I LOVE IT!


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