July 17, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!! It has been a busy week and I am looking forward to the weekend so much!

This little lady turns ONE today!!! I can't wait to shower Vivian with gifts at her party on Saturday.

I only joined a gym a week ago and I already feel the need to say something about pool etiquette.  Somehow, I thought it was common knowledge that you're going to get splashed in a pool.  Darned if I didn't watch someone get all riled that they just had their hair done and didn't want it to get wet - all while she stood in water up to her shoulders BEFORE everyone in the pool started exercising.  Um, really?!  And two the two ladies who I watched put on perfume in the changing room before class, please don't.  Just, don't.  Mmmkay?!

I've decided that I am bringing back "Tuesdays at the Table", my weekly recipe link-up.  I loved hosting it and getting to try all those wonderful recipes!  I'm still working on a button.  Stay tuned for the button and more info soon!  I'm already getting excited to visit everyone and try some new recipes.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about getting another tattoo.  I already have two - a Celtic cross on the inside of my left ankle, and a heart on the inside of my right ankle.  Predictably, I really think I want a dachshund on me.  Obviously, I won't have anything inked on me until I find the perfect design, but here are a few of my favorite designs right now.

A video posted by Clark Gregg (@clarkgregg) on
Little admission here...I am a total geek.  As in, "wow, I'd really like to make it Comic-Con someday" kind of geek.  As Comic-Con has gone on in San Diego this week, I've been entertained by the Marvel Agents of Shield vs. Agent Carter dub smash battle on Instagram.  If you don't want to scroll through a boat load of Instagram messages, you can see the progression of their battle HERE.

What's on your agenda this weekend?



  1. I love every one of your 5. 1. Vivian - adorable name! 2. Completely agree about the pool - you are gonna get wet - deal with it. 3. Excited to check out your recipe link up. 4. I am not a tattoo girl, but as a dachshund owner I had to click on "Weiner Tales" 5. My niece just introduced us to Dubsmash. I haven't made my own yet, but hers are hilarious. Comic-Con would be an amazing adventure.

  2. A dachshund tattoo would be completely adorable!

  3. Great 5 this week! Looking forward to Tuesdays at the Table starting up again!

  4. Oh yes we like the doggy tattoo idea. We think Mom needs one of all three of us ;) Great 5!!

    xoxo, Ginger, Matt & Matilda

  5. LOL Hilarious about the pool and perfume!! Really?!?! Have a fun party today!!

  6. Ha ha ha about the pool but I totally agree!!

  7. Perfume BEFORE class, just no! I have been next to someone on the treadmill and had to move because the perfume was too much. Horrible! That DubSmash is awesome!


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