July 16, 2015

A Girl Walks Into a Gym...

Last week when I casually mentioned to you all that I had joined a gym, and I was going to break myself in "easy" with water aerobics - I thought my class was going to look a little like this...

...and that I would end the class feeling like I got a good stretch and should swim laps for "actual" exercise!  Oh. good. grief. was I wrong!  It was more like an hour of aqua zumba - more along the lines of this...

I also knew beforehand that the instructor was one of my foster mom from the rescue and opted to see if she noticed on her own.  Really, I didn't want to draw attention to my lack of hand-eye coordination!  I didn't even make it into the pool before she yelled me name and declared that she was going to make my first class special.  At that point, other people in the class came over and told me that she already makes a point of kicking people's butts, and they may not like me after class.  Good news - at least a few of them are still talking to me!

When I looked at the class schedule, I noted that the morning classes are 45 minutes and naturally presumed that the evening classes would be the same length.  I was thrilled at the 30 minute mark that I almost made it. Um, mere seconds later, was a declaration that we were HALFWAY through the hour class.  Apparently, I made quite the face at my friend/instructor!

Now that I've learned that I actually do need to hydrate even if I'm in water, I'll be going back tonight.  This time, the evening class is taught by a different instructor.  Wish me luck!

Are there any other "fun" excercises/classes that I should try?



  1. That sounds awesome! I need to get the guts up & join a gym. Hello wedding diet right? Ive heard Zumba is a lot of fun & spin class too. Im not brave enough to do either till I lose a good 20lbs but if you try them let me know how it goes :)

  2. That sounds like so much fun. I really need to get myself back to the gym.


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