November 27, 2009

Google Analytics

During the summer, after reading a post by Casey, I decided that Google Analytics could be really entertaining.

Then, I forgot ALL about it...until today.

Holy moley, people find me using the oddest searches!  Here are the top ten that make me go "hmmm"...
  1. Black holes
  2. Banana boats and sunscreen
  3. Gold digger
  4. Dysfunctional hairdressers
  5. Stuff that goes boom
  6. Eleanor Roosevelt
  7. Startled Spaniels
  8. I'm a workaholic and have no life
  9. Smiley Princesses
  10. What would New Moon sound like if Yoda said it
A few of these make sense, in an odd way... The rest I find a bit baffling.  Do you use Google Analytics?  If so, is there anything on there that makes you laugh?


  1. I do not think I have done this before..

  2. I use it, but people never search for anything funny that leads to my blog! Bummer. The oddest thing search I've seen is "e-10 lighter." No idea.

  3. Oooo those are some good ones. Especially the Yoda one. Nice! Glad you are enjoying it :)

  4. The best ones I've had are "Famous Korean Rappers" and "I didn't actually sleep with him."

  5. Hah! I get some weird ones too.

    Frumpy women (which makes sense since I wrote a post about it)
    frumpy face leads to women stress
    frumpy midwest women
    frumpy woman
    frumpy woman 35 years old
    how do you make black mascara not look so frumpy
    jane frumpy woman (SERIOUSLY ... I'm sure they weren't searching for me!)
    white stuff clothing is frumpy
    who said lily cole is frumpy
    why are there so many frumpy women

    Umm ... I'm noticing a theme here. Apparently, a lot of people search for the word frumpy, and few write about it! :)


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