November 25, 2009

A New Moon Review

To sum it up in one sentence - I LOVED THIS MOVIE!

But we all know that I'd never let you all get off that easy.  :-) To make it easier on you (and me), I'm doing this in a bullet pointed "WOOHOO" and "BOO" format.

So, without further adieu,
my New Moon review.
(And I promise to try not to rhyme anymore!)

  • The movie had a much bigger budget and it showed.  The special effects were much better (Hello wolves!) and it had less of an indy film feel.
  • The caliper of the acting from the ENTIRE cast went up!  I don't know what happened to Kristen Stewart - but you can feel the angst and depression rolling off her for most of the film. This film isn't going to gain any awards (OK... maybe the Teen Choice Awards and are almost promised something from MTV), but Taylor Lautner did AMAZING!
  • Taylor Lautner really beefed up.  He convinced me that really could turn into a wolf.
  • I really enjoyed how the director decided to show the passage of time in Bella's initial mourning of Edward.  Circling her and seeing out her window each month was really well done.
  • Charlie was portrayed well as the caring dad.  In fact he comes off more caring in the movie than the book.
  • Seeing Alice write emails to Alice was great.  Again, not true to the book - but I think it was a well thought-out creative decision.
  • The make-up!  All the vampires looked much more natural.  Rosalie and Alice looked beautiful, as did Esme.  Emmett was looking good and the little we saw of Edward was fabulousness.
  • The Volturi.  I loved them.  They looked to me on screen the way I envisioned them while I was reading the books, just slightly less frail.  I just want to see more of them.
  • I LOVED all the time that was spent in Italy.  Fabulous scenery as they drove to try and save Edward.  The parade scene was so rich and red; loved it!  And seeing Bella and Edward reunite made me cry.
  • The vote.  The family vote to make Bella a vampire was EXACTLY what I wanted it to be, and Rosalie got to deliver one of my favorite lines from the book.
  • In a word - Jasper.  The makeup on everyone else looked great, but I don't know what in the world was going on with Jasper.  He looked like he rolled out of bed (and we know that these vampires don't sleep) both times we saw him.
  • I really wanted to see more of the Volturri.  They are going to be so important in the next two films - I think that a few more minutes could have been spent introducing them.
  • The music.  Maybe it will grow on me.  I enjoyed the music from Twilight right away and I'm having a little more trouble connecting with New Moon's music this time around.
  • The ending. I admit; I was a little miffed that they ended where they did. There's more to that book!!!!  It cut off my absolute FAVORITE line of the book.  But, honestly, it will make the next movie that much better.
Only seven months, and a week until Eclipse comes out.  But who's counting?  :-) Want to read more New Moon reviews?  Check out ClassyFabSarah's and ThreeAgainstOne's reviews!

Any volunteers to come watch New Moon with me again?!?!  What did you think of the movie?



  1. I've seen it twice, and I definitely plan on seeing it again in the next week. I can't wait until it's out on DVD. hehe And Eclipse was my favorite book of the series so I'm really looking forward to seeing it on the big screen. I'm rereading it right now just because I love it so much..

  2. I am DYING to see it again - my BFF wassupposed to go with me last night but she bailed - ahh!

  3. Great review, we pretty much hit on the same points and both agree that Taylor and Robert are beautiful and did a great job in their roles! I like how you did the bullet points of woohoo's and boo's, I just went in and broke mine apart a little so it is easier to read. Feel kind of bad on how hard I was on Kristen after reading yours and Sarah's post, oh well. :)
    I would totally go see it again with you but I don't think we live in the same state!

  4. I want to see the movie I have read all of the books. I would love to see it with you.

  5. I probably won't see it till it's out on dvd, 'cause I'm a loser like that. You loved the passing of time circling Bella, and my friend Pooba thought it was stupid.

    But, how do you remember all these little details from the books?

    Justine :o )

  6. You know I will go with you again!!!!! Tee hee! After seeing the movie, I am still team Edward. I did not even budge. Maybe it is because Jacob gets super annoying (in my opinion) in the next book. Sigh...I want to see it again :)

  7. I was supposed to see it today, but the friend I was going with got sick. BOO! I will see it soon though!

  8. I would absolutely go see it with you if I were closer!! I loved the movie but was not crazy about the Volturi. For some reason I pictured them completely different in my head... but everything else was great for me!

  9. lol. Well me and my thirteen year old daughter went and we fell in love with Jacob. I know that sounds cougar-ish. This stays between me and you and your readers. I admit I haven't read the books so maybe we would be a little bit more loyal to Edward if we'd read them. We want to see more Jacob so here is hoping he is in the next movie. I thought the movie was better having seen the first one. I loved the music and almost bought it yesterday.

  10. i agree with all of your reviews. if kristen stewart could stop acting so tortured though, i'd really appreciate it. it's just not natural. the volturi were my favorites! and jasper was my least favorite. no idea why, but he just didn't feel like the book jasper to me in this movie. taylor gets major props, as does alice. i didn't love how all the vampires looked in the first movie, but i really liked it this time. ok, i will stop now!


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