November 30, 2009

Musical Monday - 12 Days of Christmas & A NaBloPoMo Recap

Ah, the last day of NaBloPoMo.  There were days that I really didn't know what in the world I was going to say, but I was determined that I was going to survive NaBloPoMo.  Many thanks to those of you that stuck in there and read every single day.  A round of applause for you.  :-)

What? You missed one of my trivial posts?  No problem!  Here's a recap:

November 1 - The last of my breast cancer giveaways
November 2 - Musical Monday - I <3 Muse
November 3 - TATT - Chicken Tortilla Bake
November 4 - Bath time for Meadow
November 5 - Kindle? I'm still thinking about it, in case you were wondering.
November 6 - Getting ready for New Moon
November 7 - Christmas cards.  My plan didn't pan out, but I'm banking it for next year.  Email me if you want to be on my card list this year.
November 8 - The joys of grocery shopping/people watching
November 9 - Musical Monday - Veteran's Day Tribute
November 10 - TATT - French Chicken Stew
November 11 - I had a lot of energy, I guess.  Three posts - Veteran's Day, introducing Kirstren's dog Yoda & revealing my new bloggy design.
November 12 - A foray into randomness
November 13 - To tell the relatives about this blog; or not?
November 14 - Regretsy
November 15 - Only weeks until JC comes home!
November 16 - Musical Monday - Home
November 17 - TATT - Rich n' Creamy Potato Casserole
November 18 - Jane sent me a surprise!
November 19 - Romance novels
November 20 - Nope, my family doesn't need to know about my blog.
November 21 - Johnny Depp, sexiest man alive?!
November 22 - Some unique New Moon products
November 23 - Musical Monday - Hallelujah
November 24 - TATT - Corn n' Bean Bake
November 25 - My New Moon review
November 26 - What I'm thankful for
November 27 - Google analytics
November 28 - Beckett's trip to the ER
November 29 - Lazy Sunday
November 30....There's no recap, you're already reading it!

I've decided that every day until Christmas I'm going to post a Christmas song.  First up - The Muppets with the 12 Days of Christmas.  :-)


  1. congrats you did it! i may not have posted much but i did read most of your posts.....

    love the fact that you're posting a song daily till Christmas as i loooove this time of the year and i will be posting a song tomorrow, so do visit


  2. Yeah you did it. Way to go. I did it too. Yeah for us. Love the clip... Have a great day.

  3. Way to go! And yes, I did read all of them. :-)

  4. I have a Kindle. I got it for free, though. (My bf's company present last year...)

    It's nice in a way that if there is a book I want to read, I can read it right away! No running to the bookstore...It is also small, so it fits in my purse a lot better then a book.

    But I miss holding the book and the small of the paper. I also think the cost to buy an electronic book is still a little expensive...It's not that much cheaper then a regular book.

  5. Yea for you! I made it too! It's not usually that hard, it's just finding the time some days! I'm going to steal your idea and list all of them!

  6. Way to go! You are my blogging hero!


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