November 16, 2009

Musical Monday - Home

Another weekend has gone too fast!

We had what I'm going to call a monsoon, for lack of better terminology, from Friday night through Saturday night.  Ick!  I love rain, but this was ridiculous!

Saturday, Mom and I went up to Maine for an Air Force going away party.  That's right - another member of my extended family is joining the military. It's a little messy trying to explain exactly how Steve is related to me, so I'm just going to say he's my cousin.

Here he is with Kirstren.

My song this week is Marc Broussard's "Home".  I've liked this song for years.  As an added bonus, Marc Broussard's voice sounds a lot like that of someone I know and miss.  :-)

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Great post. Good luck to your family member. I like the song too.

  2. Ah ... the good ole AF. :)

    I just read the last part of your comment from this morning. Had me laughing HYSTERICALLY! :)

    Here's to juvenile comments ... they make my day! :)

    And, just for good measure, here's another :).


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