November 21, 2009

People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive

I heard that I was getting a subscription to People magazine for Christmas, but was a little surprised when I got home from work and found this year Sexiest Man Alive issue in my mailbox. 

I always wonder how they choose the winner each year.  It is a random drawing; a democratic vote; are there celebrities that are actually lobbing People magazine for the honor??  Does anybody else ponder this?  Or am I completely alone?

Anywho.... YAY to Johnny Depp.  He's a good actor, and seems like a nice guy.  But... to me, I don't look at him and see "sexiest man alive".  Do you?

If I had my druthers, I'd choose Ryan Reynolds....

Or Channing Tatum....

Or Alexander Skarsgard.

Who is on your sexiest man alive list?


  1. Hi! I absolutely don't agree that he is the sexiest man alive. He always looks to me like he needs a good bath, a shave and a haircut...

    Cynthia K. Beauty and Blessings

  2. Me again. But I'm sure he's very nice.^_^

    I noticed that you have family in the military and I wanted to mention that my last two posts are a Veterans Day tribute and a free quick way to send postcards to the military. Please check them out. We really need to thank them...

    Cynthia K.

  3. He is so Yummy!! Truly he is my all time fave actor.

    Hey I blogged about him in my Friday post.

  4. I just don't see him as sexy seems a little seedy. I think of George Clooney, Jimmy Smits, or Sam Elliott

  5. He is NOT the sexiest man alive.... I tend to think that SMA should be talked-about and in a big movie or something to at least be considered for SMA... but that's just me.

  6. Gerard Butler, Jeffery Dean Morgan....drooling

  7. I have to say it is Kenny Chesney for me...

  8. Well, let me see first I would have to say my hubby just incase he reads this. LOL
    Then it would have to Andy Garcia and Jimmy Smits. I have others but that will do for now.

  9. I do like Johnny Depp and I think that picture is the most unflattering of him. That said, I was surprised he was picked this year! Usually it's someone who's had a lot of press for some reason or another just before the announcement... I think it's hard to pick because just looking at the other comments, it must be hard to come to an agreement (at least among women) :-) I do agree with your last choice!

  10. Johnny Depp doesn't do anything for me either, I don't find him attractive at all. If I had to pick I would choose, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman (I think he won last year right?), Paul Wesley (Stefan from Vampires Diaries), I could go on and on but I will stop! :)
    Have fun with Edward tonight and tell him to keep an eye out for me tomorrow! ;)

  11. Johnny is ok, I myself think there are several others that are much hotter and look like they have taken a bath recently lol.

    I dont think he has the entire package so I assume this voting is done by much older women or gay men lol

  12. Hmmm... I think Johnny would definitely be on my list. Jude Law... Robert Pattinson... Matthew McConoughey (although he'd be much sexier if he wore deodorant)...

    Justine :o )

  13. I totally think Johnny Depp is sexy. The sexiest man alive? Just like with beauty it is in the eyes of the beholder.

  14. I have never found Johnny Depp to be sexy. I think I have strange taste in men. Hence, my huge crush on Mike Birbiglia.

    Plus, my boyfriend is into NASCAR, which I am sooo NOT. But I will perk up if Ryan Newman is on screen. I think he's adorable. Plus he does a lot of animal rights stuff and loves doggies!

  15. Well... if they say... but he is not my type!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. I like Johnny Depp in general but my reaction to seeing him crowned Sexiest Man Alive was the same as yours. Um, not quite.
    Now Channing Tatum? Definitely Sexiest Man Alive material!

  17. Bradley Cooper FOR SURE! Mr. Depp is lovely. But NOT sexiest man alive! I mean did you see the hangover!?!? Wow. =P

  18. yes yes yes, alexander skarsgard or ryan reynolds! swoooooon.


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