September 12, 2011

2 on Tuesday - Week 2

I'm linking up with the fabulous Andrea for her weekly meme.  She's such an awesome blogger!!

2 on Tuesday

This week's question...

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what two items would you wish to have with you?

And, of course, I have more than two items that I'd NEED with me!

1. My dogs.  My pups are my kids.  I can't imagine being stuck on a desert island and not having them.  They are sweet and cute and cuddly and vastly entertaining.  Plus... secretly, I wouldn't want anyone else taking care of them long term.  I know their little quirks and they know mine.

2. A laptop.  (Of course, this is presuming that that I magically get wifi!)  Read a book, write a book, read all your blogs, keep up on all my favorite shows on Hulu, and get some cute Youtube videos.  There's not much you can't do with a computer!

3. Coffee.  I am a caffeine addict.  Sure, I drink more water than anything else...but there's no replacing that first glass of ice coffee each day!

Now...if the question was "How would you build your own colony?", I'd say that I'd bring all my friends and their families to the aforementioned deserted island.  My friends and their spouses are some talented people.  We'd all have our taxes done, have fabulous constructed homes, some great graphic design to decorate the island, and have a teacher among us to educate all the kids, etc.  We would be the premier in newly created colonies! :-)


  1. I love your take on if it was a new colony! :)

    Hopping over from 2 on Tuesday!

  2. Very nice! Glad to see another furkid mom thinking of their kids first! Unfortunately, I didn't bring mine for fear of (1) him getting sunburn and (2) there not being enough food around for him. :-(

    I jumped on the 2 on Tuesday blog hop and found my way here! Great blog!

    Bren @

  3. LOL @ the colony.

    i would want my puppy with me too, but she is kind of a diva i am not sure how she would survive on a deserted island!

    stopping in from 2 on tuesday!

  4. LOL "we'd all have our taxes done... "
    I would bring water, because I drink so much of it and a trunk filled with books to pass my time with until I get rescued (:

  5. I can always never just pick two things on that question! lol

  6. we could all just come together, and then we'd probably have everything we needed! i'll bring my kindle, you bring your laptop, and we'll be set for entertainment!

  7. I love those thought provoking questions. But your caveat of the laptop but only if you get wifi!


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