September 02, 2011

True Life: I'm A {Food} Blogger

The witty and effervescent Mrs. Monologues' & Tara at Fabulous But Evil are continuing their True Life series... Sure, I'm not a full time food blogger.  But hosting Tuesdays At The Table for almost two years (anniversary later this month!!) counts.  Right?!?! :-)

Here are a few of my favorites...

Pesto Chili Peanuts
Dragon's Breath Dip

Main Courses
Italian Meatloaf
Enchilada Casserole
Crockpot Orange Chicken

Apple Cake
Mixed Berry Sorbet

Breakfast Foods
Lemon Coffee Cake
Cinnamon Rolls
Banana Walnut Pancakes

Sangria (Red & White)
Frozen Iced Tea

I'd love if you could share your favorite recipes each week too! :-)


I LOVE comments! Tell me what you're thinking. :-)

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