September 15, 2011

"It's OK"....Week 5

You guessed it, right?  It's Thursday and I'm linking up with Neely and Amber!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...That I totally forgot about the Target for Missoni release until I heard about it on the news.  By then, it was WAY too late.  :-(

...That I'm waaay late in linking up with Amber and Neely today.  It still counts, right?

...To not understand everyone's fanatical love for pumpkin spice lattes.  I like pumpkin!  Just not in my caffeine.  Hand me an iced white chocolate mocha ANY day!

...To be secretly (or not so secretly) thrilled that this will be Desperate Housewives last season.  That show has jumped the shark!

...That Carmella (my parent's cocker spaniel) killed a mouse and brought it to me last night.  My summer just isn't complete until some small backyard creature has been hunted.

...To have been in a craft store three times in the last week.  Yarn is my FRIEND!!

What's OK with you this week?


  1. I didn't get the missioni craze and by the time I figured it out, I too was too late.

  2. I am not a PSL fan. I'm more into the toffee nut stuff at Starbucks!

  3. I like Desperate Housewives and can't stop watching, but I, too, am glad it will be over this season.

  4. Oh great! I wrote about DH too and now I'm bummed to hear it doesn't end well!

  5. I like Desperate Housewives and it's always been silly. I'm not glad to see it end, but I'm not sad either. I think it's the right time.

  6. i didn't get the missoni craze either. I did go to target around 3 that afternoon and it was still full of stuff. I'm mad at myself that I didn't snatch it all up and ebay it!

  7. Your parents' dog hunts mice?! That's so awesome! Our cat gets mice in our house sometimes and we're always so proud of her! The dogs wouldn't stand a chance.


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