September 22, 2011

"It's OK"...Week 6

I am loving Neely and Amber's weekly "It's OK" link up.  They are also hosting a two week link up about all things fall.  Check them out!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...That I haven't done any of Neely and Amber's fall link up yet.  I will!  Seriously.  Be on the look out!

...To have lost a few followers lately.  Honestly, it bums me out a little, but I realize that I can't make everyone happy.

...That I'm soooo loving fall premier week.  I'm like a kid at Christmas!
...That I would pretty much kill someone for a cupcake right now, but don't want to make them myself.

...To just be jumping on the Klout bandwagon.  And someday...I'll actually figure it out!

...That I'm losing my voice.  I feel fine!  So when I smile and nod, I'm not being rude.  Mmmkay?!

...To be hyped up at the possiblity of getting a really cool job.  (Cross your fingers for me!)


  1. Got 'em crossed!
    Hope you get the new job!

  2. i really need to check out klout. i have no idea what it is about, but everyone on twitter is talking about it.

    don't sweat the followers. some people are fickle but I love you!

    love fall premiere week!

  3. I'm just figuring out Klout too. It's all okay. People who don't follow you are crazy. And fall premier week is HEAVEN!

  4. Just came across your blog from Neely's link up. I am a dachshund mommy too and your newest follower!

  5. I'm loving fall premiere week glad to have some good shows to watch again.

  6. I love the fall weather--it makes me so happy! You have so many followers girl, I have like 30, but I get that it can be depressing when your numbers go down.

  7. I've lost a few readers lately too. I'm going with the theory that they weren't "real" readers anyway. Maybe Blogger has been kicking out some inactive users or something.


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