September 05, 2011

2 On Tuesday

The gorgeous Andrea from My Chihuahua Bites is hosting a new linky party!!  Having a Tuesday link-up isn't a new thing for Andrea.  You see...SHE was the originator of Tuesdays At The Table!  When she got pregnant with her darling babe, Cooper, I took it over.  It's hard to believe that it's been almost two years since I started hosting!

The prompt this week:

1.  The cooler temperatures!  Summer is nice and all...but I quickly grow tired of the heat and humidity.  Bring on the nice crisp air that comes with fall.  The air is drier and it's cool enough that I want a sweater some days.  At the same time, I'm grateful that it's not so cool that I need to have the heat on all the time.

2.  Apple picking!!  I love me some apple picking.  For the past few years, we (as in my group of favorite peeps) and I have gone apple picking at the same orchard.  Then comes the fabulous days of baking that follow.  It's always a challenge to use all those apples, but I find a way!



  1. Happy 2 on Tuesday! I love fall. I'm planning to make my husband take me apple picking at the end of this month. I'm ready for homemade applesauce and apple butter!

  2. Aww- Apple picking sounds FUN!! Visiting from two on Tuesday!!


  3. Stopping by from 2 on Tuesday. I love fall and apple picking! Cute blog!

  4. Thank you for linking up! I didn't even think about this being a TatTT day! I'm sorry!

    I can't wait for cooler temps as well. I want to find an orchard to go apple picking as well... I'm just not sure how many there are in GA. Will have to do some investigating.


  5. Apple picking is a great Fall activity.. You will have to share some of those great recipes you use for all those apples.

  6. Apple picking sounds like such fun! I love the cooler weather myself. I'm like you though I love it to where it's not so cool I need the heat all day. It's great for a brisk morning walk!

    Visiting over from 2 on Tuesday!

  7. Stopping by from 2oT link.
    I love the cooler temperatures too! We don't have a place to go apple picking, I may need to drive up to GA to find an orchard.

  8. Apple picking is fun! Great picture! I don't think I've ever actually seen a picture of you before!

  9. Sonya - that is actually a pic of my son and me.

  10. I've never been apple picking, but it's one of my goals this year and I can't wait!


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