December 02, 2011

Craft Fair!

Girls, I'm doing my first craft fair tonight!! I'm excited. And nervous! I have no clue why I'm nervous. I mean, I like everything I've made! I just hope they do too!

Oh...and rumor has it that I *may* share with you all a coupon code this weekend for my Etsy store. Details coming over the weekend!

Also, one my favorite ladies will be guest posting on Monday! Anyone want to guess who it is?!

I fuzzy pink heart Glee!  Blaine and Kurt's performance of Baby, It's Cold Outside is so adorable and innocent.  :-)


  1. Just clicked over to your Etsy page and you definitely should not be nervous - you've done a great job (and I love the scarf pics on the chair - nice creative touch)!

  2. Oh, good luck girl!!!! I hope you sell it ALL! :)

    And agreed, love this clip.

  3. Ohh I haven't watched the most recent Glee yet!

  4. Good luck with the craft fair!


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