December 08, 2011

"It's OK" - Week 9

I'm joining Neely and Amber for "It's OK" Thursday.  It's been a while since I've partaken in the fun... :-)

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...That I totally slacked off and didn't order my Christmas cards until Sunday.  Once I get them, I think I can have them in the mail in two days or less.  (Or maybe I'm delusional!)

...To be absolutely addicted to iced peppermint white mochas right now.  Darn you, Starbucks!!

...To be just a smidge overwhelmed right now.

...That I think that blow up holiday lawn decorations are kinda hideous.  And to secretly want to see them banned.  Or destroyed.  Or maybe just go out of fashion.

...To be thrilled that the knitting in my Etsy store seems to be selling, and that custom projects are rolling in.  :-)

...To have been a little disappointed with the season finale of Covert Affairs.  It's going to be a long wait until its return!

...That I'm almost certain that I'm getting a Kindle Fire.  I'm so *excited*!

What's OK with you this week?


  1. I got my Dad a kindle fire for Christmas! It's great and such a good price!

    ...and I agree. Blow-up lawn decorations make me want to vomit.

  2. Blow up lawn ornaments are ridiculous. I just wanna tackle them.

  3. I just got my cards too...I need to get on it and start addressing them.

  4. That's totally okay that you just ordered your cards. They'll still be in hand before Christmas. That's what counts!

  5. I haven't even ordered cards yet. I really should start thinking about that...


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