December 14, 2011

Dear Santa...A Note From Meadow & Beckett

Dear Santa Paws

No matter what the momma says, we'ze been really good this year. 

Our proof:
  • We waited til momma walked away before licking her dinner plate.  We haz manners, you know!
  • We haz killed no more than birds & mices so far this year!
  • Meadow is kind enough to let momma get flip-flops and an umbrella so she can go out with her.  What?!  We all know that momma has to try and keep Meadow as dry as possible.  Otherwise, she'll melt!  Or do that hop from paw-to-paw dance cuz she doesn't like being WET.
  • Beckett is superz good at ringing the "door bell" so he can do potties at 2 AM.
  • We haz earned our keep as: bed warmers, yard patrol officers, taste-testers (if momma drops while she cooks) and we scare the hoo-hoo out of the mailman!
Now, our demands requests!

Bark Bars!  Momma makes most of our treats, but these are really yumz.

Meadow would like a new dress.  Last year's is sooo out of style.

New Lupine collars!

Beckett would like a new stuffy.  Maybe this cow?

We iz cute Santa Paws.  Pwetty peeeeas bring us goodies.  We'll behave; we pwomise!



& Meadow

"Hey Beckett, do you think Santa Paws bought that we were really good this year?" "Hahahahaha!  No, Meadow...I think we iz getting coal!"


  1. well i think you should both get whatever you want because you are so darn cute! and i love the fact one of you can ring the doorbell! :)

  2. OMG I looove that last picture! haha!! They've been such good doggies this year, I hope they get all they want on their list :)

  3. Bahahahahahaha!! I love this post so much!! Yeah, I can tell they're not spoiled at ALL! I hope Santa's good to those poor little babies this year! :)

  4. Oh my gosh, this is adorbs. Loving that pic of Beckett... too funny.

  5. HAHAH!!! So cute! They TOTALLY deserve it! How adorable!

  6. That cow is too cute! Jacques-Imo would love one of those :) I think J needs to write his letter to Santa too - he will be jealous knowing that your pooches were able to do so! :) Too cute!

    Have a great weekend! XOXO

  7. So cute! I love the snarly picture.

  8. So cute! Meadow looks like me!
    Dachshund Nola

  9. This post is too cute!! That last photo made me laugh so hard.

  10. AHAHAHA! I love this! I think they should get whatever they want. ;-)


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