December 03, 2011

Well, THAT Was Interesting...

So, I participated in my first craft fair on Friday night.  I happily talked and talked...and talked to all the lovely folks who came to the fair.  Handed out my card.  Politely thanked people when they exclaimed how adorable my items were. 

But I only made THREE sales.   And two of them were to family!  {Whom I love, adore and am eternally thankful for their support!}  Disappointed doesn't begin to describe the feeling as I packed everything back up for the night. I don't even want to know how the lady did it - but she got 4 dozen {at least} Angry Birds hats from a manufacturer!  I had the dumb luck of being two tables down from this lady and didn't stand a chance against the cosmic pull of those darn birds. {FYI...I do actually like Angry Bird.}

Luckily...the night wasn't a loss!  I learned a few things:
  • Make an early request to be close to the front door.  That way, people need to walk past you coming and going.
  • This place could have made a killing if they charged the kids each time they participated in the cake walk. {For those of you not "in the know", a cake walk is like musical chairs...but slower and the child in the chosen space when the music stops wins a cake.}
  • Sometimes, you end up next to REALLY "interesting" people.
My vendor space was directly next to a woman selling Lia Sophia.  Great jewelry, and the woman seemed nice enough. And then she started talking...  In the first 90 seconds of our introduction, she tells me that she works as a social worker and asks if I'd like to adopt.  SERIOUSLY!!!!  Five minutes later, she taps my on the shoulder and shares that her undies are too tight!

The vendor on my other side?  Tells me that she'll be at another craft fair tomorrow.  But one where she think she can sell her homemade bongs!

If nothing else... my evening was entertaining!

Oh, and just because I love you all {seriously, I do!}, you get 10% off my Etsy site through Monday night.  Just enter: SANTAPAWS2011 as your coupon code.  :-) 

I love this song!  It's one of my favorite Christmas "silly songs".


  1. Sorry you didn't get as many sales. We have a big craft fair up here and I love going to it, though I'm sure I've never been to one with bongs before.

  2. Maybe the bong selling lady would like to adopt? Sorry your night wasn't more of a success, but it sounds like you learned a lot for next time!

  3. I am so sorry your items didn't sell, they are well made and beautiful. I'm wondering if those hats with animal faces and braids going down the sides are so popular right now. I made my granddaughter a fleece hat, and I'm afraid she won't like it, as she got one of those animal hats for her birthday. I've been to craft fairs where the vendor has a bowl of candy on her table, maybe that would draw a crowd. Better luck next time. On the brighter side you could not have paid for entertainment like that!!

  4. Oh no! I'm sorry the craft fair wasn't as successful as you'd hoped. Now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day! I love it!

  5. There are always interesting people at those craft fairs! I'm sorry you didn't have a better day selling your stuff. :(

  6. Well, at least you had an interesting neighbor.

    Seriously, though, I can't believe more people didn't buy your stuff. You have some really adorable pieces!

  7. What a bummer, I'm so sorry! But it was your first and I'm sure it'll only get better the more you attend fairs like this. At least you got to meet some interesting people! lol


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