January 23, 2012

2 on Tuesday: Music For All Moods

It's music week on 2 on Tuesday!  One of my favorite subjects, dontcha know?! (Sorry... a bit of my Newfoundland heritage leaking out.) The best way for me to tackle the song choices is via youtube.  That works, right? Right!
2 on Tuesday

What is the song you play when you want to get pumped up?

LMFAO is fun and upbeat!

What is the song you play when you want/need to cry?

Amazing Grace makes me cry like a baby. And so do bagpipes. I come from a large Scottish family...so it only makes sense. :-)

What is the song you play when you’re cleaning?

I love, love, love Florence and The Machine. This song gets a lot of play in my house, car, etc. :-)

What is the song you play when you’re exercising?

My excercising these days is mostly walks around the neighborhood with the pups. I love 80's pop and Crowded House plays the Isle of Wight Festival every few years (it's on my dream concert list, for you music junkies!) which inevitable ends up on BBC or Paladium for me to watch.

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  1. Florence + The Machine are awesome, they are my go to sleep music..lol I think I own just about all the albums. Great music! 80's pop will never go outta of style, another good one was Tears for Fears. I just dated myself..lol

  2. LOVE all of these bands! Good choices!

  3. i love florence and the machine. i absolutely love the dog days of summer... definitely one of my "pump you up" kind of songs.


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