January 25, 2012

The Lucky Winners!

Thanks to everyone that entered my giveaway!  You make a girl feel loved.  :-)
I'm glad I made the decision to do multiple prizes so I can share the joy amongst some really cool ladies!

*Drum roll, please*

Our winners are:
Bert's Bees Gift Pack - Preppy Girl Meets World
$20 Gift Card - Puddles (and her momma) @ We Three Doxies
Custom Hat - Kasey @ The Domestic Hygientist
Soda Stream - Mrs. Jones @ Keeping up with The Joneses'
Mystery Gift - Jessica @ You Are My Color

Now, I could tell you what the mystery gift is.  But I want Jessica to be surprised...so I'll wait a few days to reveal the package contents.  :-)

Winning ladies, please email me so I can get your prizes out later in the week!


  1. Wells HOT DOG! I nevers win nuttin'...EVERS!
    Dis is awesome!


  2. I'm so excited, thank you!! :) I can't wait to find out what my prize is!


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