January 11, 2012

Help Me Shop...

Ladies, I'm on a mission to get curtains on all my windows.  Let's ignore the fact that I've had the house for over a year and you can see in 75% of my windows!  Moving on....First room to be addressed is my sunroom.  Seven of the 21 windows in my house are in the sunroom.  It makes sense - but you can see into three sides of my house from that room.

It's currently this color (Formal Garden) with white trim. It is the brightest room in my house...I like that it brings the outside in during the winter.

Anywho...I want the room to remain light and airy, but obviously want some semblance of privacy.  I'm thinking something like this. Yes?  No?

Xhilaration® Ruffle Window Panel - White (54X84").Opens in a new window

The second room I want to address is my bedroom.  The floor is currently parquet (let's not go there...it will be replaced as soon as my budget allows), has white trim and is this color (Larkspur Bouquet).

Because my neighbor insists on having flood lights on all night and it shines into my bedroom - I need either a thick fabric or flat out black-out curtains. {Fingers crossed, my insomnia will be alleviated a bit by having a really dark room.}

Thoughts on these two?
Target Home ™ Woven Damask Panel.Opens in a new window
(I think the smaller damask pattern is a little busy.)

Isabella Window Panels - White (42x84").Opens in a new window
(I like this one a smidge better.)

Have any good suggestions on where I can buy tons of curtains for a good price?! :-)

I also want a big fluffy chair like this...


Or this...


  1. Any white light weight curtain paired up against that green will look amazing!

    I agree that the tiny damask is too busy. What other colors are in your room? Furniture color?

    I got a steal on my curtains at IKEA and they are a Pottery Barn knock off. I am happy to report that I have washed them twice now, and they still look amazing!

  2. Girl, you is askin' da wrong dog heres, cuz ALL of our curtains are either lace or white sheary stuff. Mum has a thing furs white...I dunno why.
    But hers did say to check Target. They has good curtains. Also, check Walmart furs black out curtains cuz they has them WAY cheaper than anywheres else.
    We likes da furst damask curtains.


  3. I think those ruffly curtains are SO cute, where are they from? I think they'd look great with that rooom color...

    I agree about the first damask curtains too, I think the second ones would look great!

    I have curtains from IKEA and Bed, Bath and Beyond..And I actually bought some black out curtains (pretty ones too) at Anna's Linens. For the most part their curtains are cheesy but you can find some random, normal ones there! haha..They're so affordable too!

  4. I love those ruffly curtains! And I also agree with you on the first damask curtains. I love the second one!

    I am not a curtain expert. All of ours came with the house (and in desperate need of an upgrade). I can't wait to change them out but I'm going to need some serious help with it because I'm clueless!

  5. I like your ideas for the curtains and chairs! We got some good curtains from Target about a year ago when we moved into our house. We needed ones in our bedroom to keep the sun out because hubs works nights. We ended up buying four curtains for one rod and that looked fuller and kept more light out. Also try putting foil on windows to keep sun out if you have blinds or something to hide the ghetto-ness ;)

  6. I like the white curtains for the green room. They would give you privacy but let lots of light in. If you can't find curtains for the bedroom that block out light you can my black out shades that could be installed. They might not be pretty but the could be hidden by the curtains during the day.

  7. Yes to sunroom curtains, I like the second bedroom ones better and the second chair better.
    Dachshund Nola

  8. I love the one with the damask pattern all over. I think it will look gorgeous next to that wall color.

  9. I love the grey chair. As for curtains, I actually shopped all over for my bedroom ones and surprisingly found the best deal by ordering from JC Penney and using a coupon code from retailmenot. I ended up paying less than I would have at Target or Wal-mart, and I got a lot better quality.

  10. 21 windows...wow! I think you've got the right idea here and the first white curtains seem like they would be perfect for the sunroom, especially with the green paint. If your neighbors have bright lights on at night, blackout curtains would be best. I like the ones with the damask at the bottom. Those chairs look so cozy too!

  11. Love that color green, I think that will fab with the white.

  12. I like all of those choices. For the green room if you can't get the white ones maybe you could do some cream ones because that way most people wouldn't be able to see in.


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