April 26, 2012

3 on Thursday - Dream Cities

Time for another rousing round of 3 on Thursday!!  Thanks to all you lovely ladies who have joined in and embraced the new linky venture that Andrea and I have put forth. :-)  We both appreciate it and hope you're having some fun!  If you have suggestions for topics, let us know!  Who knows...there may even be a little surprise for a topic that you submit and we use.
This week's topic:
Sometimes it's fun to envision packing up and moving to a new city/state. Where are three places that you'd consider living?

3 on Thursday

At least once a month, I think about packing up and starting over.  Is that weird? No, right?!?! {Lie and tell me I'm normal, people!}


I would choose Edinburgh, Scotland.  I have a love affair with Great Britain and Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities in the world.  It has all the modern conveniences but all of the old world charm with a good smattering of British aristocracy and history. The people are friendly, have amazing accents and the views just can't be beaten.

Then there's San Diego, CA.  Sure, people say that California is one big earthquake from falling off the face of the Earth...but eh, whatever.  Part of why I love San Diego is nostalgia.  My dad's parents lived there for years and I have wonderful memories of the summer I turned five - jumping on the trampoline in their backyard, hanging out at the beach and watching ships come in {Grandpa was Coast Guard, so there were a LOT of ships}.  Of course, as an adult I can really appreciate the climate of San Diego too.  It doesn't get to hot or too cold and it's always sunny. I feel most at ease when I'm near the water.

My third choice would probably be Washington D.C.  How can you not love all those cherry blossoms, the Smithsonian museums or wonderful monuments?!  Oh...I guess it's pretty cool to know the national laws and such are passed there and it's home of the President too!

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 Come on, link up and tell Andrea and I where you'd like to live!


  1. I shared my visit to the DC zoo last weekend, hope you enjoy!

  2. Your normal...I always want to leave! I'm in love with London. I haven't been to Scotland but I know my husband loves it there. I grew up in Illinois. Moved to San Diego in my late 30's and we lived there for 9 months. I love San Diego and that is where I would love to live on the beach. Haven't been to DC either but definitely want to visit it someday.

  3. My Top would be:
    Dublin, Ireland
    San Diego CA
    Somewhere in Maine (it's a photography dream of my to go there)
    St. George Island FL (the most gorgeous beach in all of Fl)
    Nola's Mom

  4. Great choices! I think I'd go with (1) London, England; (2) Jackson Hole, Wyoming; and (3) Annapolis, Maryland. I adore all those cities so much!

  5. I completely agree with Edinburgh! Beautiful city!

  6. It has been interesting to see what you all say. For me, a city would be a nightmare. That would be like being sentenced to prison. I don't mind a visit of a day or two but long term, no thank you.

    Now, geographically, I have been to several places I think wouldn't be bad. The last was East Texas hill country. How pretty. I love the beach. Wouldn't mind something rural around Oak Island, North Carolina. Also enjoyed the Ozarks but once again it would have to be rural.

    Thanks for sharing your love of these cities. It shows them in a different light.


  7. I would love to go to any of those places!!

  8. I've lived in two of your three choices! I am in Maryland outside of DC now and lived in San Diego for 5 years!

  9. I do love DC! My uncle lives there and it's always so fun to go visit him!


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