April 25, 2012

Brain Dump

Ladies, it's my first time back in school in a LONG time.  I've let a few things drop and I apologize!
First... This week's "3 on Thursday" question is: Sometimes it's fun to envision packing up and moving to a new city/state.  Where are three places that you'd consider living?

Second... If you participated in the Flip Flop Swap, please link up your post.  We all want to see those pretty flops!

Third... This Friday is Book Club!  I hope everyone is almost done with "The Next Always" by Nora Roberts.

Fourth...I totally slacked (again, I'm very very sorry) and didn't give you all a long list for the May Book Club selection.  In the top left is the monthly poll.  I recycled our runner up books from the past few months.

Fifth...I've almost settled on a new blog name.  It will either be "Weiner Tales/Tails" or "Isn't Life Weinderful".  Any feedback is appreciated!

Last... Look at my little Meadow.  She loves to climb into the laundry basket.  :-)


  1. I suck. I haven't even gotten my partner's address. I'm getting there, I promise. #bloggerfail

  2. Love that you're including dachshunds in the new title. :) And Meadow looks precious!

  3. I like "Isn't Life Weinderful" :) And I agree, Meadow does look awfully adorable in your laundry basket!

  4. Hmmmmm...I kinda like Weiner Tales...cuz it's tales you tells...and it's a great play on words. I do like It's a Weinerful life but I knows anudder blog named sumptin VERY similar to dat.

    Hehehehe...All doxies do da laundry basket, it's soft and HOPEFULLY fresh outs of da dyer so then it be very warm. Meadow looks likes her has a widow's peak...COOL!


  5. The laundry basket makes a super duper spot for naps!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. awwww, cute! I like 'Isn't Life Weinerful' :) My sister has a fur baby named Reed, and her blog is called 'Life is Reediculous'. My Dad suggested I name my new pup "Moe" after my blog 'Mo'Betta'! I almost did!

  7. I have a mini days hind as well, her name is Gracie and she's do sassy!

  8. Girl, I don't envy you the school work! I can't even imagine going back now!!!


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