May 01, 2009

Chocolate Makes The World Go- Round

It's a bit weird... but chocolate has been at the center of many conversations this week.

My parents went to Texas to visit my dad's side of the family. As per family custom - you bring gifts back to half the world. What did dear mom and dad bring me? Chocolate covered pecans. TOTAL YUMMY-NESS! The can of them resides in my fridge, and I eat a few each night as a treat. (They also bought me a Coach contact lense holder! Who knew that Coach made them?!?!)

Every.single.meeting this week has had a bowl of chocolate at it - M&M's, Hershey Kisses, chocolate covered raisins... I've seen it all this week.

One of my "girls" has a fabulous husband. On Tuesday, her hubby sent an Edible Arrangement to work. Chocolate covered strawberries, pineapple and bananas. Everyone feasted on dark and white chocolate...and fruit. Ultimately, we were eating fruit - so it's a healthy snack, right?!

Wednesday we had a firedrill. What did we eat whilst ogling the firemen??? You guessed it - CHOCOLATE! Godiva truffles, baby!

Know that fab hubby mentioned above? Yep, about 2 hours ago another Edible Arrangement arrived. A bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries as a bribe to his wife to let him go to the basketball game tomorrow.

Did you notice that I skipped Thursday? I'm saving the best/weirdest for last. Yesterday was an obserational conversation on the joys of chocolate - which led us into "What food is best w/chocolate". I think by favorite is pretzels! Anyway... we got on this weird tangent of what do you think could be made "better" by adding chocolate. Someone mentioned bacon. (barf) So, I decided to Google it...and damn skippy - it exists. In fact, here an old blog entry I found with instructions! ( you decide to be daring enough to try it; let me know. I'm curious!

I also found bacon and chocolate cupcakes. ( but just enough that I think I might need to make them and see if anyone notices the bacon.

What do you think? Can just about everything be made better with chocolate?


  1. THAT EXPLAINS IT!!!!! Now I know where all the chocolate went. They went to your part of the world! I've been sorely craving and haven't been near ANY all week. Hmmm. Your fault.

  2. Chocolate rocks, we all know that. But with bacon? That is gross! Last week I was watching the Travel Channel and they were doing a show about fried foods. How about some breaded and deep fried bacon? Holy heart attack!
    Okay, I totally went off on a tangent there. I'm tired!

    Justine :o )

  3. Hahaha, I hate chocolate! Sorry :( But I do love white chocolate, that counts, right?

  4. Yummooooo indeed!!!

    Dark chocolate is my fave but guess what ties with that??? Chocolate on strawberries!!! Yess ma'am!!

  5. Chocolate bacon? No thanks!

    I love me some dark chocolate. I think dark chocolate covered pretzels are my favorite. Followed by chocolate covered marshmallows.

    Now I need chocolate.

  6. yum. i love chocolate covered pecans. delish!

  7. I've seen that "chacon" before and I think I'll pass. But, that husband sounds great:)

  8. Yuck! If I want something salty and sweet I'll stick with the pretzels! ;)

    I think my favorite is dark chocolate-covered strawberries, but my husband loves anything raspberry-chocolate!


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