May 27, 2009

A Recap of Season Finales...

As promised, I've done a recap of some of my favorite TV shows (OK...pretty much ALL of my favorite shows).

But first - A rousing round of applause for my DVR! It valiantly served me, taping something most nights of the week; often taping two shows at once. :-)

Warning: If you watch the same stuff I do, and haven't cleaned out your DVR yet - this contains SPOILERS!

The romance between Calleigh and Delko has been building all season. To have him rebel against the department and Calleigh only to try and keep his newly found Russian mobster Daddy out of trouble seemed a little far-fetched. But I suppose it was inevitable. Both Calleigh and Delko have been seriously injured within the last season; to have Delko potentially injured (or worse) seems cheesy and predictable. I'm disappointed. I thought that they way they dealt with Dr. Price's drug addiction and stealing was a bit dull too.

CSI: New York
Poor Detective Flack. For the first time in five seasons, they give him a love interest - and she gets killed off in the season finale. At least they did right by us earlier in the season... Marrying off Danny and Lindsay & doing a fab job covering Anna Belknap's real life pregnancy by giving the NY duo a baby too. Anyone else sensing romance between Mac and Stella? Bet they drag this one out FOREVER (if they ever give in and make them a couple). The shooting as the screen faded to black has me just antsy waiting for the season premier.

Sorry gang, but I've tried to watch the episode three times now and keep falling asleep. At least I know that it temporarily cures my insomnia!!

Dancing With The Stars
By far, my favorite season of the show! Melissa, Gilles and Shawn were all fabulous! Cheryl is known for pulling out the stops during the freestyle dance - but her Flashdance inspired number wasn't that impressive to me. Maybe because all Gilles got to do was keep posing and picking her up? Shawn and Mark's dance on the on the other hand was AMAZING!! I wish that ABC didn't drag the show out like that though... they could have easily gotten it all done in half the time. I can't wait to see who signs up for the next season! Any guesses?

I fell in love with the Freshman season of this show. It's based in Boston, it's quirky and it is a great combo of sci-fi "out there" and thought provoking "could that really happen". Walter goes missing, we learn that Peter actually died as a child ( that the Peter we know now is from the alternate universe), we finally meet William Bell (fantastic casting of Leonard Nimoy, btw) and the season ends with Olivia visiting this alternate universe. Can.not.wait. to see what they do next!! Who'da thunk that I'd like something sci-fi?!

Grey's Anatomy
Even now - pass me the tissues! They always have great finales, but this just takes the cake! George enlists in the Army as a Trauma doc; I was so proud of him & I cried (WHAT?!?! Don't act like you're surprised!); we find out that someone pushed a woman out of the way of an oncoming bus and when this gentleman traces "007" on Meredith's hand - that it's George. Izzie comes off her dream wedding and needs to make the choice between surgery and drugs. She chooses surgery (after much prodding my EVERYONE else) and survives only to flat-line later. We see here on an elevator during this time and the doors open to George in his Class- A's. Who lives?? Who dies?? Ugh, I want to know NOW!! In the meantime, Meredith gives this speech about finding the time to be happy and wants to get married at the court house the same day. She and Derek waylay this plan to do Izzy's surgery and instead decide that a post-it signed by both of them is legally binding. This is going to be a ginormous problem next season; I can just feel it! Lexie and Mark gave their far share of laughs through the episode. I hope that she gives in and moves in with him!

After Tony kills a Moussad assassin (aka Ziva's boyfriend), the Director sends the gang (minus Abby and McGee to Israel. Tony effectively shows the Moussad Director (aka Ziva's dad) that he acted in self-defense; but Ziva still won't forgive him for killing her boyfriend. With all the tension that has built all season; it was anti-climactic. However, having the season end with Ziva deciding to stay in Israel; and then see her all beaten and swollen as she is interrogate by her own people means that it's going to be an interesting season. Also- I loved the unofficial premier for NCIS' spin off in LA. I think that Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J should make for a really cool show.

Private Practice
This is definitely isn't Shonda Rhimes' first priority, but it has grown into a decent show. Addison has enough of trying to hide her love/lust for her patients husband and has Dell deliver the patients baby. I'm glad that they showed that Dell could step up and take care of things (especially after his little bout with excessive partying and alcohol a few episodes back), but it made Addison look weak and wishy-washy. I'm happy that Violet finally chose between Pete and Sheldon - even if she still doesn't know who her unborn baby's father is. I hope it's Pete! My heart broke a little when Sam pronounced his love for Naomi and she in turn announces that she took a job with their competing clinic. And the heart stopping moment of the episode was when Violet's delusional patient (who lost a baby) shows up and Violet and Cooper's door to reclaim the baby. Poor Violet is incapacitated and decides to walk this woman through how to kill her and get the baby out unharmed. Of all the times for Cooper to decide to be with his girlfriend instead of his bff Violet... sigh!

Ok, that's enough for now. I anticipate a second volume of this over the weekend. :-)
What season finales did you love or hate? What are you most looking forward to seeing in September?


  1. Thanks for this post. Almost all of these shows haven't even STARTED new seasons here. Bleh. It's nice to try to keep up through other people's blogs.

  2. I love the climatic finales, but I hate having to wait until September to find out what happens next. Life is tough, huh?

  3. you sound like as big of a tv lover as I am

  4. Would you believe I don't watch any of those shows?

    Justine :o )


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