May 23, 2009

A Blessing In Disguise

Well, today was supposed to be a fun-filled day at Dina's new apartment... She and her boyfriend are throwing an apartment warming party (it's their first place together) and introducing everyone to their new puppies, Chelsea and Bella.

Unfortunately, I've been having migraine headaches lately. YUCK! I got one last night and it lingered through most of today.

So instead of playing with puppies, grilling stuff and goofing off - I lounged around the house with an icepack on my head and my fabulous fuzzballs whimpering at me. (I love that they know that something just isn't quite right with me today.)

On the bright side, I've made it through a lot of season finales that were on my DVR (I'll write about all the season finale shockers and cliff hangers next week) and got a start on some knitting. (HURRAY for paying knitting jobs!!)

I hope you ALL are having a fabulous weekend and hopefully I'll have a more exciting post tomorrow.


  1. Aw crap, I'm sorry about your head. You should ask your doctor to prescribe you something for it!!

    Justine :o )

  2. Any chance to hang out with puppies (yours or anyone else's) is a good day. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. Yuck ... sorry about your head. That is no fun at all. Hope you are feeling better now!

  4. I know this is really late, but I love that my doxie is such a good snuggler when I'm sick.


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