May 18, 2009

Musical Monday - The Man Who Can't Be Moved & Borderline

Music means a lot to me. Thanks to those of you who took a few minutes and listened to the Banana Boat Song last week. :-)

This week I'm sharing two songs: The Script's - The Man Who Can't Be Moved & Kiernan McMullan's - Borderline.

A. This group sounds like a cross between Keane and Sting; both of which I really like. :-)
B. Ghost Whisperer has been using this song for weeks, and like most music - just got STUCK in my head!
C. I haven't gone to Ireland yet - and REALLY want to, so I'm visiting through music.

A. Kiernan is a friend of a friend; he and I have gotten acquainted through Facebook.
B. He is an up and coming singer. You'll want to say you heard his music before he hit it big!
C. Kiernan just went back to Ireland after touring the USA. Hopefully, he'll be back soon.


  1. Again, I didn't watch the videos, but at least I'm here to say hi, right? LOL

    Justine :o )

  2. Just stopping by to say hello and that I missed you!

  3. Nice to see you are passing Kiernan's Music around! hahaha Gotta Love it <3


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