May 29, 2009

Attack of Bridezilla...

For the past few weeks, I've been privy to a story about a Bridezilla. Not just any Bridezilla...but the QUEEN OF BRIDEZILLAS!

The story is a smidge long, but stick with me. I'll be you'll be just as appalled and amused as I am.

For her own protection, I'm going to name this bride Anna. Well, Anna and her boyfriend Joe (also a fake name) get engaged last fall. She sees the ring he bought and decided it isn't big enough and sends him back for a 2.5 carat cushion cut with 3/4 carat baguettes on each side. It seems that once Anna got that ring on her manicured little finger - all semblance of sanity exited the building. I've been assured that she was "normal" before she got engaged.

Anna had her sister and MOH (to clarify, this is two people - her MOH is not her sister) organize the shower to happen last weekend - making it clear that she expected EVERYONE to break their holiday weekend plans to stick around for her. In preparation for the shower, she and Joe registered for gifts. Normal, right?! Not for Anna! She registered at Bergdorfs, Williams-Sonoma, Crate and Barrel...and...wait for it....TIFFANY'S! Well get back to the Tiffany registry in a minute. It is the piece de resistance of this whole story.

Come to find out, Anna is planning a wedding for 275 (Holy crap, btw...I don't think I know 275 people!!) and invited people to her shower that she opted not to invite to the wedding. That is totally classless in my opinion. You might as well write on the shower invite "don't bother showing up, I just want the gifts". This woman seriously needs someone to give her a copy of Emily Post's etiquette books...PRONTO!!

Come the day of the shower, Anna voraciously opens all her gifts (OK, I admit - I like gifts too...but, moving on...). Girlfriend threw the mother.of.all.hissy.fits when she got a gift that wasn't on her registry. At the end of the event, she refused to let her fiance load said gift into their car to go home. Instead it went home with the MOH. Sorry, princess...but some people don't have the money to buy the $180 stainless steel crock pot you registered for!!

And now, the Tiffany's part of the story. Anna's wedding is big; really big; 14 bridesmaids big. Because she is spending her money on a Vera Wang gown (OK, her parent's are buying it), she has decides that while her attendance deserve a Tiffany's bracelet - she'd prefer not to buy them HERSELF! What's a modern Bridezilla to do?!?! You guessed it ladies... she registered for her attendant's gifts. So you give the bracelet to Anna and she in turn gives it to her bridesmaid.

What a B.I.T.C.H! Chapter two when she gets married in early July....

Ah, and now that I've survived my week (which was a nightmare that I'll share at a later date when I'm not fuming), I'm going on a whale watch tomorrow. YAY!! I love being on the water! :-) Pictures tomorrow when I get home tomorrow or early Sunday if I'm REALLY tired.


  1. I do not even know what to say..........

    Wow! She definitely takes the cake.

  2. Ohhhh man. Yeah, I would've protected her name too because this is just bad.

  3. OMG! I can't imagine anyone behaving that way. Her mother should take her out and spank her butt... no her mother should have taught her better in the first place!

  4. Inviting people to a shower when you have no intentions of inviting them to the WEDDING? O.M.G.! I wouldn't even go! What a piece of work!

  5. Oh my goodness, there is so much wrong with this, I don't even know where to begin! She'll probably be divorced within five years. (Yeah, I know, I'm a little jaded!)

  6. You should try to get her on the Bridezilla show. She'd fit right in! I love that show. I will never ever be like that! EVER!

  7. Um. Ew. Not just bridezilla, tacky bridezilla. I think an Emily Post book is in order.

  8. OMG! Do you actually know this girl? That is INSANE!

  9. That is scary impressive! I think I was actually not a bridezilla at all, which could be why I didn't love how everything turned out, but the important thing was to get married and that happened!

  10. Please tell me you made this up. Or, it's an urban legend. That is SUPER tacky! Registtering for gifts for others. I've never heard of anyone so ballsy to do that. Wow!


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