May 31, 2009

What A Whale Watch!

Saturday we went on a whale watch for my mom's birthday. It was a blast!! Really, any time I get the opportunity to be on the water - I go for it! The beauty of the sky and sea meeting; the smell of ocean air - it is fan.freaking.tastic!!

The whale watch was being run by the Boston Aquarium, so as we waited to board, I got to snap a picture of this playful little seal. :-)

After a mostly rainy, cool week - it made being on the water during a warm, sunny day even better! Here's a picture of Castle Island as we left Boston's Inner Harbor.

The seas were calm (in my opinion), only 3 foot swells and no white caps. However, not everyone shared the opinion. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn by the screams that there was a roller coaster hidden on the ship! I couldn't help but giggle at the land-lubbers. AMATEURS! heeheehee

We managed to see TONS of whales! Three different species!

However, my camera crapped out on me - AGAIN! The first time, was during JC's boot camp graduation. Then it's been acting funny for a few weeks. It decided to stop working again during the whale watch. Grr! Anyone have a camera recommendation? It's becoming glaringly obvious that it's time to buy a new one....


  1. Ahhhh!!!! I remember going to the Boston Aquarium when i was in 7th grade... i absolutely loved it!! Weird tidbit I was actually on the trip with my husband's sister at the time! And didn't even know it!

    That's an awesome weekend lady!! Glad you and mama had fun! :)

  2. How fun! I have loved whales since I was a little girl but have never gotten to go whale watching. I 'owned' a whale when I was a kid - they'd send me pictures of her tail fins anytime she was spotted and little tracking reports of her yearly journies. Best present ever for a kid!

  3. What an awesome way to spend a weekend. I'd love to do that sometime. Great pics too!

  4. What an experience that must have been! But nope, I don't do deep ocean on no little boat. Blechhhhhhhhhhh.

    Justine :o )

  5. OOOOH how fun! Happy birthday to your momma!


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