October 03, 2011

2 on Tuesday - Childhood Toys

I love Andrea's linky party.  Almost as much as I love mine! :-) And she is such an amazing friend!!!  She's hosting a giveaway of one of hats this week!  Go visit her!

 This week, the brilliant and adorable Andrea is asking:

What were your two favorite childhood toys?

Sit N' Spin.  Fun toy!!!  When else is it funny to get your small child dizzy? (Just kidding.  Kinda.) Really, I think that this toy was the beginning of my love of roller coasters.  The exhilirated, slightly fuzzy feeling is still fun today.  :-)

Sweetheart Barbie.  Marketed for Valentine's Day...but oddly enough, I got this Barbie for my birthday when I was seven.  Yes, my memory is that good!  She has the traditional flowing blonde Barbie hair, super pretty dress and she made kissy noises. 

And now...I'm going to show you one of my favorite playmates.  This is Munchkin.  Her real name is Miscotobe - a completely made up name that originated as Misty, Scottie and Toby; the three boy dogs that family members had recently added.  I'd show you my other favorite playmate, Misty...but I can't find a picture of him at the moment.
Anyway...BEST playmates EVER!!!! They let me dress them up, do horsy rides when I was really little and they would actually go down the slide of my swing set with me.  As you can see, I've ALWAYS been a dog person.  Hahahaha!


  1. I had that same Barbie doll. LOVED her. Who doesn't love a Barbie with ginormous puffy sleeves adorned with red velvet hearts?!

  2. I had a sit 'n spin! I forgot about until I read your post! It was fun!

  3. Happy 2 on Tuesday!

    The sit n spin always makes me thing of the big wheels because I had both at the same time :)

  4. Awesome. I actually bought MY kids a Sit-n-Spin. Amazing how some things can stand the test of time. Well, 30 some years anyway. :P

  5. OH the sit and Spin.Classic American toy, How about those old Big Wheels? My brother rode his up a tree...lol That was another great Barbie too, I loved Peaches & Cream too she was so pretty.

  6. Those are amazing toys.. I loved Barbies also.. Oh childhood dogs are the best.. I am hosting my Round Robin on Friday if you want to do a post for you store and link up.. I will have to stop by and check out your hats.. I want a cute one for my baby boy and girl.. Have an amazing day..

  7. I don't remember if I had that Barbie? Which doesn't mean much really. Hahaha I mean, my memory isn't that great. I totally loved barbie too!

  8. The sit'n'spin is the BEST! I loved mine! I was a Barbie fan too. My cousin even showed me how to curl & cut their hair:P

  9. love the picture!!

    i need to get cooper a sit and spin. so fun!

  10. Ohh you have that lovely Barbie! My friend had one and I loved that doll sooo much... (I didnt have one). I wish I could get my hands on one of those! :D


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