October 13, 2011

Bloggy Updates

I'm going to be doing some bloggy housekeeping over the weekend/early next week.  If you could do me a quick favor - I'd appreciate it!!

Just let me know if your button should be in my "favorite blogs" section!!  That's all.  :-)  Oh, if you feel so inclined - I've put my first poll up too.  A vote on what I should knit and list on Etsy next would be awesome.

A more substantive post tomorrow.  Or not.  Maybe Beckett will continue his "notes from the crate" series. :-)


  1. Of course I think my button should be :) I feel greedy saying that, hahaha!

  2. Hi, yes, I'd be honored if you put my button in your favorite blog section. :-)

  3. I feel greedy saying it too but I'd definitely be honored to be included ;) And I voted!

  4. If your putting it out there, then hells yeah you should put up my button.

    Sharing is caring right : )

  5. Well if i had a button, I'd say heck yes!!

  6. I don't have a button yet, but when I do (SOON! I'm working on a makeover!), please add it for me! :)

    Also, the shaklee giveaway I posted about in the Two on Tuesday linkup is up - check it out and enter to win!! http://the2smiths.blogspot.com/2011/10/shaklee-review-and-chance-to-win.html

  7. Yes, I'd love it if you included my button! I need to put some buttons on my own blog. Hmm....


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