October 14, 2011

Isn't That Pinteresting...Dachshund Edition

Hi.  Iz Beckett.  Momma said I could post, so here I iz.  Momma really like that Pinterest thingie...so I picked a few to share.

Maybe I can haz for Hallo-weenie next year?! {Source}
Momma doesn't think Snoop Dogg really haz dachshund...but iz still funny. {Source}

Momma says I large little and in charge...so dis makes us giggle. {Source}

We're having a hard time finding a copy of dis movie. Any suggestions?!  {Source}

Dats all I haz for now.  Woofs and kissies,


  1. Super cute, I love pinterest!

  2. This just cracked me up! Love the pups!

  3. BAH! I love your doxie! What a sweetheart. My doxie is being Frankenstein for Halloween this year :) considering his name is Frankie, I think it suits him.

  4. The Ugly Dachshund is one of my FAVORITE movies!!! Have you tried netflix?


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