October 10, 2011

2 on Tuesday - Fashion Faux Pas

The lovely Andrea has posed a really good topic this week.  Tell me your two biggest fashion mistakes.

2 on Tuesday

Oh, lordy.  I think we all make some questionable fashion mistakes.  If you didn't....I'm really envious.  Or you're lying.  {No judging}While I'm not willing to show you pictures of my biggest fashion mistakes (sorry!), I will definitely share them with you.

The first one was perming my hair.  I always had nice, shiny hair. But it's stick straight and baby fine. So, my mom's hairdresser convinced me to perm my hair in 6th grade.  At first I loved it. It was new and different. I had the ringlets I'd coveted for years.  My mistake was letting that hairdresser keep perming my hair for 3 years! By the end, I was just a mop of frizzy grossness.  I felt a little like this...

My second ongoing faux pas was indulging in the leggings crazy of the mid 90's.  I'm a chubby girl...and hindsight is 20/20.  Though, I always kept everything covered up. Now that the leggings/jeggings craze is passing through again, I have some very strong feelings on them.
  • No one above a single digit size should EVER been seen in public (this excludes the gym, where it's socially acceptable) wearing leggings/jeggings.
  • If you must wear them - always make sure you're wearing a top that covers your private parts.  Camel toe isn't pretty, and it's sooo much more than I need to know if you happen to be wearing leggings.
  • If they're so thin that you can see through them - you aren't wearing leggings.  You're wearing footless tights.  Go put on some pants, Princess!
  • No stilettos.  Just, no. And no socks unless you're wearing boots so you won't see them.
They should look like this...

Not this...


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG how did you find this picture?!?!

  2. That is my BIGGEST petpeave! I hate when people mistake footless tights for LEGGINGS!

  3. if you want both check out peekbrooklyn.com

  4. too funny about the leggings... I wore them when I was younger.. I would have to so dress them up.. Have a great day..

  5. Leggings are NOT pants. People seem to think it's all right to use them as a substitute for actual pants. It's awful. I have a pair and love them, but I wear them under dresses.

  6. Hey Snail Mail partner...

    I made the same perm and legging errors. To make matters worse since I'm older than you I wore my leggings were actually stirrup pants and I wore them with colorful flats. OH THE HORROR!

    I had a perm too, and my bangs added another 4" to my already tall 5'8" self. Oh how I hope and pray that trend NEVER comes back!

  7. Eek! I totally did the leggings thing too and I REALLY hate thinking about it. I never did get a perm. Which always used to bother me, but now I look at my friends' pictures from the time and sigh with relief.

  8. TOTALLY agree on the leggings! I once saw a gal at wal.mart that looked pretty much like the picture with tights! Even when I wear leggings I always make sure my dress is still long enough. I won't even do the sweater tunics with them because a, I think I'm a bit too old for that and b, no one needs to see that!

  9. Oh my goodness! Totally agree on the tights/leggings!

  10. i feel like my comments are disappearing, bc I remember commenting on this and it isn't here anymore.

    i am a chubby girl, and I want to be able to wear leggings. I do wear them under dresses and long tunics, but sometimes it just isn't a good look.

    and legging are NOT PANTS!


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