May 22, 2012

Summer "Must Haves"

I was helping the adorable Mrs. Jones find a dress a few weeks ago via the tweet. She suggested that I put together a list of ten summer "must haves".  I can do that!

A great dress.  One that you can dress up for a garden party/cocktail party or dress down and it works for a beach bonfire.

Wedge espadrilles.  Sweet summery shoes that are casual but versatile.  Plus, the wedge gives a little more ankle stability than a standard heel - quite useful if you've had a little more sangria than normal.  :-)

Flip flops. For most of us, beach time (or pool time) is inevitable.  A colorful pair of flip flops are fun and useful all season long!

A short sleeved cardigan.  There's no hiding that cardigans are one of my fashion staples.  They are great for layering, providing a little warmth on a cool summer night and giving a pop of color/a little visual interest where needed.

A multi purpose moisturizer.  The summer dries out your skin, ladies! Between warmer air, more sun exposure and the glistening that results {hey, at least I didn't we sweat!}, I need something to not only keep my skin moisturized but provide some SPF too.  It's an even bigger bonus if I find something oil-free.  :-)

A good mani & pedi.  Some of you lovelies get mani/pedis all year long, which is great.  Some folks take care of their own nails all the time with is pretty cool too.  My theory is that if you get a great mani/pedi at the beginning of each season, it makes it easier for "at home care" on a regular basis.

Sunglasses.  I don't take my own advice enough on this...but wear sunglasses!  Save yourself from wrinkles around your eyes caused by squinting into the sun.

Cute camis.  Summer clothes are supposed to be fun!  This cami has great detail and is adorable!

Great shorts. Find some that fit your body, please - I'm begging you!  Last year I saw lots of too tight, too droopy and buns hanging out.  Please don't bend over and make me look at your bum again this year. 

Fun accessories!  Lots of color; beachy accents; just FUN!

What are your summer must haves?


  1. Camis, shorts, flip flops, sunglasses! Hey, I live in FL :D Oh and sunscreen!!! YOu would not believe how bad I burn. And a wet bandana for Nola ;)
    Nola's Mom

  2. I'm seriously looking for some new shorts before a vacation in Texas next week. I've lost so much weight since last summer none of mine fit! But that's a good thing, right? ;)

  3. Oh CUTE CUTE!!!!! I don't do flip flops well but my mum loves 'em. Her wears them jeans too cuz her is weird.

    Did you decide on a name furs da new arrival?


  4. I'm all about the summer cardigans! They're my favorite with cute sundresses. And I NEVER buy shorts because I'm weird like that but I have to for a family reunion this weekend where we'll be outside the entire time. Any recommendations for a plus sizer? ;)

  5. ow adorable, those are wonderful must haves! I am all about camis and summer cardigans or here in TX where it is WAY TOO HOT, I'll opt for a light cotton button down blouse (worn open)!

    Great ideas Cole!

  6. love those shorts.. Are you doing your Thursday theme this week? Have you gotten your new dog just yet? Have a great day..

  7. I am in need of all this too. Great list :)

  8. This is a great list that I agree with 100%. I really want to get some great flip flops. The only ones I have are good for walking across the parking lot to the pool, but I need some that I can wear for running errands and whatnot too.

  9. I love that green dress. I'm all about cute dresses with great shoes and pretty toes.

  10. I love that green dress! I'm all about cute dresses with great shoes and pretty toes.


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