May 07, 2012

A Dose of Random...Or, How I Spent My Weekend

Happy Monday!  My brain is a smidge fried, so I'll be employing bullet points to keep from completely boring you (hopefully). :-)

  • Thank you all for the support that you've given me in changing careers.  Tuesday I'll be doing the final exam for the Home Health Aide portion of the class.  Any quick prayers that I don't have a brain freeze will be appreciated.
  • The remainder of the week I have skills labs, where I'm going to get paired with the person either before me or after me alphabetically.  That means I either have someone who is afraid to touch people...or doesn't speak English.  I apologize in advance for any venting that may be sited here later in the week.
  • Saturday I did my class project on Cancer.  It's fabulous people...believe me on that. :-)
  • While that was happening, I had a plumber come and steal all my money!  Well...he did replace the faucets in my kitchen and downstairs bathroom, but it wasn't fun paying that bill!
  • Then, I got to hang out with Kristin to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. 
Mixed berry Margaritas!

  • Sunday Meadow & Beckett enjoyed sunbathing at my parent's.  They also spent some time scavenging the back yard for dandelion greens.  I think I might have miniature goats instead of dachshunds...
  • If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I'm a bit heart-broken.  I've learned that I either won't be getting a new puppy from the rescue I volunteer for, or it will take at least another two months.  I don't blame them at's totally the state of MA.  They are making it very difficult for people here to adopt from out of state.  Never mind that "my" puppy is no more than 50 miles away from me! Just thinking about it still makes me teary.

Sunbathing puppers!

This week's 3 on Thursday question:
 Share three secret single behaviors (Remember the SATC episode? Things you do you wouldn't want a man to see you doing)!


  1. Oh you poor thing! You have been frazzled! I'm so sorry about the issue with your puppy.
    Nola's Mom

  2. I LOVE watching dachshunds sunbathing! I think it's one of their happiest moments in life :)

    Sorry to hear about that long adoption process. Hopefully something will work out soon!

  3. Sending prayers your way girl :)


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