May 30, 2012

3 on Thursday - Weird Foods

Thanks for coming back to spend a little quality time with Andrea and I.  We both appreciate you participating (and commenting!) on our humble little link-up.  :-)  Have topic ideas for upcoming weeks?  Tell us!

This week we're talking about weird foods...or at least foods you eat that others *might* consider odd/strange.

I'll level with you, I've eaten a LOT of weird food.  Most of it is stuff that was a once in a lifetime culinary experience. Here's a short list of things I've consumed...but will never do it again:
  • Haggis. During my first trip to Scotland at 16 years old.
  • Rocky Mountain oysters aka bull's balls.  I blame my dad for not telling me what I was eating. *gag*
  • Seal flipper stew. I blame my dad's mom's Newfoundland family for that one.  AND...In my defense I was 3 years old when I ate it.
  • Cow's tongue.  Note: Always ask the ranchers in your family exact what they are feeding you. I thought it was corned beef.  Wrong!
  • Snake. This was during a work trip to Arizona a few years ago.
  • Alligator. A burger at "Fast Eddie's" about a decade ago.  And, NO it does not taste like chicken.

3 on Thursday

 Three foods you eat that others might think are strange/weird.

Calimari.  I love me some seafood, squid included!  I much prefer the round "body" of the squid than the slightly rubbery tentacles.  So tasty though.  In sixth grade, a science specialist came through and we did a dissection of squids.  It gave me a much better appreciation for where they come from...and how juvenile 6th grade boys are with ink sacks.

One of my favorite midnight snacks is pretzels and Nutella.  I personally, don't think it's too weird.  But I've been told that it is, so I'm counting it!  The combo of salty and sweet just can't be beat!

Sometimes, I'll put a scoop of ice cream in my coffee instead of milk and sugar.  What?!?!  It's all the same right?  It adds great flavor, adds a nice foam to the top and gives the drink a little extra body!

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  1. i've done the ice cream in coffee when i've been out of creamer. delish!

    calamari - no. negative.

    pretzels and nutella sounds amazing!

  2. Haha mine are:
    Nutella on ice cream (it's heaven in a bowl)
    Salt on watermelon
    Hm, when I was 7 I ate butter on ice cream (NEVER AGAIN)
    Nola's Mom

  3. My mom liked to eat a sandwich filled with salty pumpking seeds and condensed milk!!!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. I had alligator when I lived in Florida. I liked it! It was definitely different. I sometimes dunk powdered donuts in orange juice. I don't think that's quite normal :)

  5. I LOVE calamari and I was tricked into eating cow tounge when I first started dating my now husband. I liked it until they told me what it was. :)

  6. Also love weird food is probably peanut butter and banana WITH mayo, NUM!

  7. My husband used ice cream to make french toast when we were out of milk one time. He thought himself a genius.

    I've eaten some weird foods on mission trips but would like not to remember them!


  8. They serve Alligator down in New Orleans and when I was 18 I tried it. AWFUL!


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