May 02, 2012

3 on Thursday - Guilty Pleasures

I'm going to be honest here...when Andrea picked the topic this week, my first thought was "how do I narrow it down to three guilty pleasures?".  I have the guilty pleasures that I indulge in just a *little* too often and the really special gems that only happen once or twice a year.

Drop by and visit my co-host Andrea!  I think you'll love her as much as I do.  If you haven't seen the vlog her husband did - you NEED to watch it.  It is sooo funny!

3 on Thursday

Oh, I guess I should share with you what the actual question is, huh?!
What are your three guilty pleasures?

And, here are my guilty pleasures in no particular order. 

Coach purses.  Something about their totes is both trendy and timeless in my opinion.  I only indulge {and even then it's almost always a present from others} every few years.

Books!  Books of all types.  Chick lit, horror, memoirs, fantasy.  You name it; I'll read it.  Have I mentioned that my mom did a one month e-book club in January and I ended up with over 100 new books?  And...that isn't going to stop me from buying more! {Note, we're reading the book above for book club this month.  Read along!}

The Seasons Collection® Grand Horizon White Down Side Sleeper Pillow, 600 Thread Count
You're going to laugh... but pillows are a guilty pleasure for me.  I mean, we all have pillows - but I don't admit to many people that I'm extremely picky about pillows.  I need the king sized, 100% down, side-gusseted (so the pillow is rectangle instead of kinda football shaped) pillows.  Thank goodness I can always find them at Home Goods when the need for a new pillow arises.  Buying retail would really stink! :-)

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  1. Haha these a great ones! Mine are:
    Trashy magazine/books
    MTV's Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant (I know, I know)
    Teen books with massive following i.e. Twilight (thank god that's over), The Hunger Games
    Nola's Mom

  2. My mom says that it is very important to have the right pillow for you!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. i think books are a non-guilty pleasure!

  4. Pillows is definitely a different answer but I think my daughter does that! I actually found a Serta one that I love so I haven't pillow shopped in a long time. I love purses....Coach, Dooney's, Louis Vuitton, Brighton. I didn't get around to playing today, sorry.

  5. Books are as necessary as the air we breath. Don't count that one!

  6. I've never owned a Coach bag before.. I would LOVE to though. I might give in one day... and I would for sure feel guilty about it. LOL!

  7. Fresh figs, afternoon naps in the sun, Pegasus Bay Aria wine. Delicious!

  8. I am right there with you on the pillows and books. I have to give myself a monthly book budget or else I'd buy a thousand books every time I'm at B&N. Addiction! And I LOVE pillows too! We probably have 15+ on our bed at any given time. And the majority of them are all around me! This pregnancy has made me even more of a pillow hoarder. He's lucky if he gets one or two!

  9. I am there with you on pillows...I can't get enough of my bedroom ones.

  10. I swear I buy books every week! I'm always reading something. Ohhh Coach bags! Love!


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